Summer Time Render episode 16: Recruiting Allies


Summer Time Render episode 16 – Hishigata points out that if Haine is killed, all the shadows will die and of course Chitose and Ushio.

The 16th episode of Summer Time Render demonstrates how the series manages pacing really well. Maybe manga is like that, I’m not sure, but anime always seems to know when to downplay and give us time with the characters to figure out what’s going on. They always try to reveal just enough to ease the disappointment but not enough to spoil the mystery.

Indeed, if episode 15 was a spectacular action, possibly the best of all this year’s anime. This time, we mainly listen to the characters talking to each other and are almost entirely human and a few allied shadows. One of the force additions was shadow Mio, who had cut ties with Haine by Ushio.

Summer Time Render episode 16: Recruiting Allies

Mio and Mio

Shadow Mio is still not fully “stabilized” her personality seems to be different from the real Mio for a number of reasons. But the important thing for Mio is that she is reliable and that she can feel. She shares some valuable information about the two means of shading and how limited “birth” is. The reality is that the regenerative shadows will die after a week if their humans are still alive.

That wasn’t all she shared, much to Mio’s horror. Mio shadow knows everything Mio does, including Mio falling in love with Shin, that’s why she never calls him “Nii-chan”. Mio ball even asked Shinpei if he had a girlfriend in Tokyo. However, the person who will share the most information in episode 16 of Summer Time Render is Hishigata Seidou, but it won’t be easy.

Summer Time Render episode 16: Recruiting Allies

In fact, when the Shinpei group went to Highigata’s house to interrogate the doctor, they found it ransacked, with all belongings copied and removed. And as they go deeper into the clinic, Chitose is about to finish her husband off.

There was no denying that Highigata was an idiot, as was the fact that he was confident that he did the right thing. The plan here is for Hishigata, Sou, and Tokiko to join Chitose as shadows and join Haine as she travels to a place where time stops under the sea, where only shadows can reach. . The problem is that he can’t even be copied, since he already has immunity) and poor Chitose doesn’t even know she’s a shadow.

Summer Time Render episode 16: Recruiting Allies

Chitose was manipulated by Haine to almost kill her husband

The plot deepened when Shinpei’s parents were killed trying to destroy the shadow. But Shinpei absolutely didn’t want to act on his own “backward” instinct. He focuses on the present, which includes asking Hishigata to reveal who Shide really is. It is revealed that Shide is his ancestor – Shidehiko, Haine’s “guardian and firstborn” and founder of the Hishigata clinic. Although Shide who we don’t know is actually a slight disappointment for me, it’s not too important either.

The result of all this is that Haine’s game is over. Hishigata said to bring all his shadow children to this mysterious homeland. And to do that, he needed to dig deep, as it seemed to most people on the island. Hishigata points out that if Haine is killed, all of the shadows will die and of course Chitose and Ushio. But neither of them hesitated to move forward. Ushio notes that she’s dead anyway.

Summer Time Render episode 16: Recruiting Allies

Chitose does not want to participate in her husband’s master plan. So even if Shinpei wins, he still loses because he lost the girl he loves and who knows what else could happen. That won’t stop him from doing what has to be done, but even at the cost, actually beating the shadows still seems like an extremely difficult proposition.

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