One Piece: Oda reveals a series of interesting secrets related to the Red Hair Pirates

Oda recently revealed interesting information related to the famous Red Hair Pirates of Yonko Shanks, making fans feel extremely excited.

Part 15th One Piece movie, One Piece Film Red is the most mentioned name at and as a way to celebrate this big event, recently, Oda also revealed a series of secrets related to Red Hair Pirates of the Yonko Shanks as well as his crew. With the sharing of O da also partly answered the fan community’s questions about this famous pirate crew.

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So what are the revealed secrets? Let’s Lagvn pass point.

Yasopp is a crewman whose Observation Haki is stronger than Katakuri

One Piece: Oda reveals a series of interesting secrets related to the Red Hair Pirates

Katakuri is a sweet commander of the Big Mom Pirates and is always remembered as a pirate with superior Observation Haki, allowing him to see seconds into the future and causing a lot of trouble for Luffy.

But Usopp’s father – Yasopp made One Piece fans forget how powerful Katakuri is. This is because Yasopp possesses Observation Haki at a completely different level than the rest, where he can see the future continuously, not just for a few seconds like Katakuri. Another interesting fact is that Yasopp is an avid dancer.

Benn Beckman and his true strength

One Piece: Oda reveals a series of interesting secrets related to the Red Hair Pirates

Since the Battle of Marineford, many fans have wondered if Benn Beckman has such great power that even an Admiral using the Light Devil Fruit like Kizaru must be afraid? It was not until now that Oda answered the long-standing question of his fan community.

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More specifically, Benn has extremely advanced Armament Haki, not only can he coat Haki on melee weapons or ears and legs, but he can also wrap Haki on his bullets, thereby shooting them all down. Anyone with a Devil Fruit or Haki.

The real names and powers of some of the Red Hair crew members

One Piece: Oda reveals a series of interesting secrets related to the Red Hair Pirates

Lucky Roo

A well-rounded character with a taste for food, he is the head chef of the Red Hair Pirates, often using the advantage of his appearance and Haki to roll like a bowling ball and attack his enemies.


He is a man with long golden hair, always wears a pair of sunglasses and fights through an electric cane. In addition, Limejuice is quite similar to Sanji when using Kenpo in the air.

Couple Bonk Punch and Monster

Bonk is the tall character of the Red Hair Pirates, and Monster is the monkey who always stands on his shoulders. Despite their fierce looks, they are both musicians and when fighting, Monster will have the task of lulling enemies to sleep while Bonk will use his natural strength to punch enemies.


Gab has hair like a lion’s mane and his scream can create slashes to attack enemies.


This character has a highlight that is a ponytail on his head, he is also the main doctor of the Red Hair Pirates. Not only is he good at healing, but Hongo is also a knowledgeable person with weapons, so just in his hands, those weapons can be removed in an instant.


He is a man with silver hair and a dragon tattoo on his neck, Snake’s role is the navigator of the crew. According to Oda’s description, he is an extremely good defensive person, not only that, but he also possesses the ability to use dual swords as well as attack his enemies with his feet.


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