Lulo Rose, the largest pink diamond discovered in over 300 years

Miners in Angola have discovered a giant pink diamond that could be the largest gem of its kind found in the last 300 years.

The pink diamond is estimated to weigh 170 carats, smaller than the diamond Daria-i-Noor 182 carats – the world’s largest pink diamond is part of the National Treasure of Iran.

This new diamond is nicknamed “Lulo Rose“, named after the Lulo mine in northeastern Angola, where it was found, according to a statement from the Diamond Company Lucapathe company owns Lulo and another diamond mine in Angola. Since 2015, the Lulo mining project has discovered 27 diamonds weighing more than 100 carats, including the largest diamond ever found in Angola weighing 404 carats, which sold for $16 million last year. 2016.

Lulo Rosethe fifth largest diamond found at Lulois expected to be sold at an even higher price.

Lulo Rose, the largest pink diamond discovered in over 300 years

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Pink diamonds are relatively rare, and scientists still don’t know why these diamonds can turn pink. In 1999, miners in South Africa discovered a pink diamond weighing 132 carats, later named the The Pink Star. For nearly two years, experts have been slowly cutting and grinding the 59-carat diamond, and in 2013, The Pink Star was sold at auction for about $83 million, making it the most expensive gem ever sold.

Lulo Rose would also have to grind between its rough shape, which could cut its weight by as much as half. But even when Lulu Rose reduced to 85 carats, this live pink diamond could still set a new selling record of its own.

Lulo Rose, the largest pink diamond discovered in over 300 years

Humans have been collecting and trading diamonds since 2500 BC. For millennia, their glossy appearance and extreme rarity have made them a sought-after piece of jewelry that only the richest people in the world can afford.

Diamonds form deep underground – often 160 kilometers or more below the Earth’s surface – when carbon deposits are exposed to the extreme heat and temperatures of Earth’s interior. Some diamonds may have broken off the surface during volcanic eruptions, but today most are found through mining efforts around the world.

Lulo Rose, the largest pink diamond discovered in over 300 years

Approximately 90 million carats of rough diamonds are mined for jewelry each year, generating over $300 billion in revenue worldwide. However, diamond mining conditions are often very dangerous, and the industry is linked to displacement of indigenous peoples, mining by workers, pollution and human rights violations, according to a report. report published in 2018 by the nonprofit Human Rights Watch.


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