Surprise with fanart One Piece, Naruto, Kimetsu No Yaiba lost in the unique animated multiverse!


Made by artist a2t.willdraw, the following series of anime character fanarts will transport the Luffy, Nezuko, and Naruto we are familiar with through space into other animated multiverses. If you want to know what your favorite characters will be like if you get lost in another anime, let’s watch!

a2t.willdraw is an artist born on January 22, 1995. He specializes in uploading fanart images of famous characters in Japanese manga and anime in a very unique way. On his Twitter page, a2t.willdraw regularly posts sets of photos where he will let popular anime characters “transmigrate” to many other anime universes.

Sounds a bit confusing, right? Well, let Lag explain with pictures. Here are the fanart series of One Piece, Naruto, Kimetsu No Yaiba and many more anime that stray into the animated multiverse made by a2t.willdraw! Let’s see together!

fanart eren

Eren – Attack On Titan

jujutsu kaisen fan art

Yuji – Jujutsu Kaisen

jujutsu kaisen fan art

Satoru – Jujutsu Kaisen

naruto fan art

Naruto – Naruto

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hinata fanart

Hinata – Naruto

sasuke fanart

Sasuke – Naruto

itachi fanart

Itachi – Naruto

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To make this series of interesting fanart, a2t.willdraw will simulate the style, commonly used lines of each mangaka and then “out” the closest version.

In addition to a2t.willdraw, there are also many artists out there who make products similar to the series of photos above. Most of these products are well received because they create excitement for viewers and answer the question “what would this character look like in the manga or the other anime”. If this article is liked by everyone… maybe Lag will do another compilation!

dragon ball fanart

Son Goku – Dragon Ball

zenitsu fanart

Zenitsu – Kimetsu No Yaiba

fanart nezuko

Nezuko – Kimetsu No Yaiba

luffy fanart

Luffy – One Piece

anime fanart

Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Above is a compilation of fanart One Piece, Naruto, Kimetsu No Yaiba lost in the animated multiverse of artist a2t.willdraw. If you love this artist’s drawing style, please search and follow Twitter and Instagram.

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