The life of a “sexy icon” for a while after 23 years of listening to her husband quit her job


In the 80s and 90s, when it came to the sexy symbol of the Hong Kong entertainment industry, Khau Thuc Trinh was one of the typical faces.

Khau Thuc Trinh is one of the familiar faces of Hong Kong cinema in the 1980s – 1990s. The beauty born in 1968 is famous for her beautiful appearance, both hot and sweet.

The life of a

Khau Thuc Trinh used to be a beauty in the hearts of many Hong Kong men in the 80s and 90s.

The sexy image that Khau Thuc Trinh began to pursue from the early years of his career. Although she only stopped at the top 12 of the Miss Hong Kong contest, the beauty of the Khau family soon caught the eyes of the directors of that time.

Joining the field of acting, Khau Thuc Trinh is not afraid to play hot scenes on the screen. From adult films that bring fame in the entertainment industry, the actress continues to make her mark in comedies starring with Chow, with outstanding works such as Loc Dinh Ky, Crafty Expert, Return of Than Bai, People in Gypsy 2, Man’s tricks…

The life of a

The actress has appeared in many films of Tinh Gia.

The life of a

The beauty of the Khau family left a mark in the hearts of the audience with a half-innocent, half-glamorous beauty.

When he was at the peak of his career, Khau Thuc Trinh suddenly withdrew from the entertainment world and chose the family life.

As one of the few Hong Kong beauties who are both successful in both career and emotional fulfillment, Khau Thuc Trinh’s life path cannot fail to mention two men including director Vuong Tinh and his current husband – businessman. person Shen Jiawei.

The life of a

Khau Thuc Trinh retired from the entertainment industry after marrying a businessman husband.

When she first joined the entertainment industry, the actress received enthusiastic support from Vuong Tinh, helping her become a prominent face on the screen.

Despite appearing in films with sensitive scenes, Khau Thuc Trinh has always been favored by Vuong Tinh for very moderate scenes, choosing the best photographers, and directing the best art to help Khau. Thuc Trinh built the image of a sexy icon during her time in art.

The life of a

Vuong Tinh used to be the one who contributed to bringing Khau Thuc Trinh’s name to the audience.

However, her relationship with Vuong Tinh encountered many scandals because at that time the director had a family. Although both have denied rumors of love, but Khau Thuc Trinh could not avoid being labeled “small tam”.

After the noise with Vuong Tinh, Khau Thuc Trinh met and married businessman Tham Gia Vy in 1999 and retired. Hong Kong beauty decided to listen to her husband, stop working in the entertainment industry and focus on taking care of her family.

The life of a

The actress took a photo with her eldest daughter, Shen Yue.

After more than 23 years of marriage and leaving showbiz, Khau Thuc Trinh said she does not regret her decision in the past. She and her husband have a fulfilling life with 3 daughters. In particular, the eldest daughter, Tham Nguyet, attracted attention when she entered showbiz because of her beautiful beauty inherited from her mother.

Khau Thuc Trinh is trusted by her husband to manage many of the family’s assets, including shares in a fashion group, real estate, yachts, etc. It is known that the beauty of the Khau family holds an estimated fortune of over 300. million USD (more than 7 trillion VND).

At the age of 54, the beauty of the goddess is somewhat influenced by time, but in general is still considered younger than her age.

Photo: SINA

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