Spoilers for My Hero Academia 386: All Out!


Spoiler My Hero Academia 386 Detailed Update: Even Without Superpowers, All Might Can Be A Hero! All the rest, ALL MIGHT VS ALL FOR ONE!

Spoiler My Hero Academia 386

At the beginning of the chapter, the police announce that some blocks are moving again. All For One happened to pass by the city where Ito was located. Tsukauchi asked if there was anyone else who could fight, and the police said they had called for help many times, but they were too busy.

Another police officer yelled “heat from Darby’s fire in Gunga”. Police said the Endeavor was not defeated, but based on their analysis, it appeared that the Dabi was about to explode. Ever since Dabi got up to fight, his body was constantly accumulating heat. If this continues, then after another 10 minutes or so, all the energy will be released, destroying Dabi’s body, and triggering an explosion within a 5km range.

There were several bunkers near Gunga and many other residents within the blast radius, La Brava said. Next, we see the Todoroki family’s block collapse and Gunhead tells them to open the exit.

Police said All For One was getting faster and getting close enough to use the teleportation quirk. Tsukachi desperately called for help. At this moment, a voice came from the walkie-talkie, calling Tsukauchi’s name.

Switching to the scene of Kamino, although Songtao is tired, he still wants to stop All For One desperately. Iida is worried because Shoto’s mind must be on Dabi right now. Shoto said he needed to fulfill his responsibilities. Both then burst into tears.

Then, a voice came from the intercom. That voice was All Might. He was glad that the two students were fine, and immediately gave them a task: the two must rush to Ganga as soon as possible. He briefs them about the situation, then talks to Shoto, telling him to try to stop Toya and put everyone at ease instead of worrying about All For One.

Iida put Satsuto on his back and started running. Stan looks at them.

my hero academia 386

In the final, All Might got out of the car and was ready to face All For One. Despite Tsukauchi’s objections, Olmert has not changed his mind. Memories flooded All Might’s mind. He remembers laughing when Deku asked him if he could be a hero without quirks.

On the final double page, All For One VS All Might. All Might’s bike and briefcase can be transformed into two pairs of mechanical gloves. Hero One confronts All For One and utters his signature quote:

We have been here!

Next week, My Hero Academia Golden Week will be on holiday.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 386 scheduled for release April 24, 2023. Lag.vn will update this post with spoiler information as soon as possible.

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