Spoiler One Punch Man 230 Fubuki saves Princess Psyche and finds it suspicious


Spoiler One Punch Man 230 Chapter 229 Introduction: After the war, everyone went home. Everything seems to be fine, Tieu Ba Vuong suddenly discovers a secret message.

One Punch Man 229 Summary

Even with all his strength, Tatsumaki couldn’t do anything to Saitama. Chenjuan recalled his own memory tiredly. Tatsumaki used to feel lost, and Blast was the one who helped her figure out what to do. Tatsumaki, who woke up after a faint from exhaustion, was praised by Saitama. Fubuki then appeared. She said that she will become stronger, so Chen Juan doesn’t have to worry.

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Official spoilers for One Punch Man 230

One Punch Man 230

After the fight with Tatsumaki, Saitama went home to rest. As soon as he opened the door, he saw the three heroes who were aggressive with mminhf sitting inside.

In another development, the heroes check out what’s going on under the monster’s cover. According to their observations, these monsters were quickly wiped out.

In later events, we see Fubuki “recycle” Psykos in the monster’s corpse. A bulletin board posted a message about Chen Juan.

On the last page of the story, Tieu Ba Vuong hacks into the Heroes Association system and discovers extremely unexpected information.

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One punch Superman 230 release time

As planned, Chapter 230 of One Punch Man will be released around that date April 20. Spoiler alert information will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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