28 thoughts on “Sometimes less is more…”

  1. If this scene happened in wano:

    Luffy walks up towards Charlos, suddenly in a burst, he’s surrounded by a bright red aura.

    The frame focuses on luffys face for a solid minute and then focuses on everyone spectating, using up a good two minutes.

    Back to Luffy and… He’s still walking… But he’s closer and now pulls his arm back for a punch, his aura explodes in size and his fist starts glowing.

    Luffy continues to walk while Charlos says some dumb shit.

    And you know what? Might as well throw some fight choreography in there. Charlos blocks and dodges a few of Luffy’s attacks while also flying around at mach speed and trying to shoot Luffy. He even tries a few punches himself which Luffy dodges. They stop fighting momentarily.

    Now Luffy finally hits Charlos in the face, flashing lights everywhere, with electrical-ish sound effects.

    Somehow Charlos isn’t immediately sent flying through the wall and stands there taking the full force of the punch for a minute or two, lights still flashing, barely anything is visible.

    We now barely see Charlos sent flying and the screen flashes white, followed by “to be continued”

    Fast forward to the next episode where the whole scene plays again as a flashback.

  2. I do like how, for a few frames the anime’s punch payed homage to this moment, almost the same art style, going black and white. Yes flower petals blossoming is as ridiculous as the twilight scene with effects for bellas orgasm (if you know you know)

  3. This, or the fight against Lucci and the awesome finishing blow (which for once was better in the anime than in the manga in my opinion).

    I really despise those “new” effects.

  4. I honestly think, with the reception some episodes got for being amazing with lense flares and layers and layers different effects applied to them, they saw that and said “Oh my god yes! We struck gold! This is the future!” so now that idea has gone a bit too far and just ruins everything instead of enhance the experience

  5. Nah it’s too black and white!

    Jokes aside recent things like WB vs Roger and Gatling gun vs Kaido wasn’t too flashy but still good.

    I’ve had no issues with the aura thing until 1027 which was a bit too much

  6. For how iconic this is, it amazes me they haven’t used it for more Importent moments.

    It would have PERFECTLY suited his kaido punch. Imagine all color drained away, but black lines and red/black lightning.

  7. It’s hilarious that some time back a person criticised the guy responsible for the bullshit auras on social media and that guy retaliated by saying that he’s gonna do more Auras just out of spite and everyone here was clapping like he’s some hero….and now when you got that, you’re crying lol

  8. Still faster than any scene in Wano arc. I need to see thr detailed expressions and reactionz of every bystanders, before, during and after the punch, and at least 30 seconds of zooming on Luffy’s and Charloss’ faces.


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