One Piece: 5 reasons why Yamato can’t sail with the Straw Hats yet – Stay to get Pluton?

Spoiler One Piece 1057 indicates that Yamato will stay in Wano instead of going to sea. This unexpected turn of the car by Oda-sensei makes readers extremely surprised, but thinking about it carefully, it also has a point. Here are 5 reasons why Yamato can’t set sail with the Straw Hats yet!

Yamato will be the next member of the Straw Hats – this is what OP fans have been waiting for. However, spoiler One Piece 1057 threw us a cold drink when it was revealed that Yamato chose to stay in Wano for a while longer.

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Is this a ridiculous spin from Oda-sensei? Not necessarily. If you think carefully, there are 5 reasons why Yamato hasn’t been able to set sail with the Straw Hats. Let’s see.

1. Yamato wants to fulfill Oden’s wish


As we know, Yamato greatly idolizes Oden Kozuki – to the point of being ready to knock bonk bonk on his father’s head. If you look at it this way, the reason Yamato stayed in Wano is quite understandable. After going around, Oden decided to return to protect the people of Wano. In the past, he failed to do that. Yamato – who now wants to fulfill Oden’s wish – chooses to stay temporarily and work with Momonosuke to restore Wano. By the time Momonosuke was strong enough to protect this country by himself, it was not too late for Yamato to set sail.

According to Lag, Yamato’s choice to stay is probably a reflection of Oden’s decision in the past. Oden already regrets leaving, so Yamato will choose to stay to prevent the past from repeating itself.

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2. Yamato already knows too many things!

yamato stay in wano

There is a detail that is disturbing to readers that is the “knowledge” of the current Yamato. As one of the few characters to see Oden’s diary, Yamato probably has a lot of secrets in his head that the Straw Hats don’t know. It would be unreasonable for Yamato to accompany the Straw Hats right now without letting the character reveal the information he knew – but when Yamato did, the adventure would lose its charm. The easiest way is to let Yamato stay in Wano, when necessary, this character will follow the Straw Hats and reveal what he knows.

3. Yamato’s role in the crew is unclear

one piece 1057

This is something that One Piece fans have discussed a lot since Yamato asked to become a Straw Hat member. Currently, the important positions of the ice are all available. If Yamato joins, what will he/she do? Most logically, Yamato would be the same scribe of the journey as Oden – a position that sounds a bit forced.

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4. Yamato stays for a future plot-twist

yamato doesn't sail

Kaido has been defeated, but the remnants of the Beasts Pirates are still on Wano. It’s possible that Oda-sensei let Yamato stay to manage these mobs and “train” them to serve as Wano’s forces.

Not allowing Yamato to set sail at this time may be because Oda-sensei needs Yamato to appear suddenly in the future like Jinbe. Author Oda has worked hard to build Wano involving many, many mysteries, so Lag believes that Yamato stays in Wano to serve some climactic development in the future. Who knows… Yamato will be the one to pilot the Pluton to support the Straw Hats?

5. Having more Yamato now makes it difficult to handle the story line

one piece yamato

As we all know, the Wano arc marks the event that Jinbe officially became a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. If Yamato also sets sail now, the Straw Hats will have two new characters. This will make the author have to calculate more carefully in arranging the events to happen. For the easiest, perhaps one by one joining to have the time to exploit as before will be the most effective.

Here are 5 reasons why Yamato hasn’t been able to join Lag’s Straw Hats yet. Do you agree with Lag? In your opinion, is there any other reason that Yamato delayed going to sea? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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