“Kim Dung movie beauty” Chau Hai My owns huge assets, youthful beauty at the age of 55

For Chau Hai My, she just needs a peaceful life doing what she likes to be happy even without a husband and children.

Film beauty Kim Dung Chau Hai My owns huge assets, youthful beauty at the age of 55 - Photo 1.

Chau Hai My is considered one of the beauty icons of Hong Kong cinema in the 90s

Prominent among the works adapted from the novel Kim Dung with a series of famous names thanks to these swordplay films is the goddess of ten thousand people who love Chu Chi Nhieu in the series heaven map of dragons by Chau Hai My. take. This is also the most classic role of Chu Chi Nhuoc in Kim Dung’s works.

In Ỷ Dragon Book of Heaven, Chau Hai My has taken on two different roles for each version. First of all, the 1994 version of Chu Chi Nhuoc played by the beautiful Chau family has become a classic.

Chu Chi Nhuoc – Chau Hai My is beautiful, feminine, especially her bright smile, so Truong Vo Ky cannot be enchanted. Even the female audience admired, let alone the boys.

Film beauty Kim Dung Chau Hai My owns huge assets, youthful beauty at the age of 55 - Photo 2.

Chau Hai My used to take on the role of Chu Chi Nhuoc in the 1994 version and Duyet Tiet Su Thai in the 2019 version

After the role of Chu Chi Nhuoc, Chau Hai My continued to take on the role of Killing Tuyet Su Thai in the 2019 version. Chau Hai My’s change of identity made many viewers excited. As for the actress, she received a lot of compliments for her acting and beauty even though she was at the age of 52.

Chau Hai My was born in 1966 in Hong Kong. Since childhood, Chau Hai My has owned a lovely face and simple beauty. At the age of 18, Chau Hai My participated in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. Although she did not achieve high results, her pure beauty and attractive charisma quickly caught the eye of TVB leaders. This is also a great experience for the beauty born in 1966.

Not long after, Chau Hai My enrolled in TVB, becoming a 15th class student, in the same class as Ngo Thien Vy. Also at the same place, the actress surnamed Chau was assigned the role of Duong Cuu Muoi in the movie General Duong Gia. This is the actress’s debut role.

After Duong Gia Tuong, Chau Hai My was assigned to many roles in other films such as: Kim Bai Phong Van, Destiny, Rogue Millionaire, Legend of Martial Arts, ..

Entering the 90s, Chau Hai My continued to storm the screen with many hit films, including Kim was born without regret, Mat Dai Hoang Ton and loved by the audience.

Her favorite movies during this time include: Back to the pre-wedding time, Smiling proudly before tomorrow, The honest fraudster, Ỷ Especially the impressive role A The in Passionate love affair. During those years, she consecutively won the Hong Kong Most Popular Actress award.

Film beauty Kim Dung Chau Hai My owns huge assets, youthful beauty at the age of 55 - Photo 3.

Chau Hai My’s youthful beauty even at the age of 55

Besides career, what people are most interested in is Chau Hai My’s love story. In 1985, she and Vietnamese-born actor – Lu Luong Vy fell in love after collaborating after the project The island blooms with wind. During their time in love, the two made many people admire their romance.

At the age of 22, at the most beautiful age of a girl as well as at the peak of her career, Chau Hai My decided to register for marriage in the US, ending a long journey of 4 years of passionate love.

After getting married, the two had many problems because of their different personalities, and were young and impulsive. At the climax, her husband’s family forced her to retire to take care of the family wholeheartedly. However, because no agreement could be reached, both decided to divorce after only 1 year.

In 2013, Chau Hai My found a new love with her rich businessman boyfriend many years younger than her. They live together as husband and wife in Beijing. Unfortunately, this love story did not last long. In December 2015, Chau Hai My broke up with her boyfriend. The reason for the breakup has not been revealed yet.

Since then, Chau Hai My has remained “alone alone”, enjoying a simple life with her pets alone.

Every time the reporter asked her what she expected from her future marriage, Chau Hai My said that she did not want to get married. “Getting married and having children is the choice of many people. Most of us go through those processes. But that’s not the only option. At my age, it is impossible to get married and have children. Therefore, I don’t even think about getting married,” she admitted.

Besides, Chau Hai My said that she is currently very happy and happy even though she is single: “Each choice is not right or wrong, good or bad, it’s just whether you feel happy or not. are not”.

Film beauty Kim Dung Chau Hai My owns huge assets, youthful beauty at the age of 55 - Photo 4.

Chau Hai My is single but has a huge fortune to dream of

Although Chau Hai My chooses to live alone, without marriage, some netizens admire her extremely wealthy life when living in a villa in Beijing, estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of people. yuan. Even, Chau Hai My also opened a small world in the villa to grow vegetables and flowers, vegetable garden.

Follow Sinaher net worth is estimated at nearly $70 million, including real estate, stocks and cash at the bank.

In addition to a simple life, Chau Hai My also makes many people jealous by her youthful beauty despite being 55 years old. This also partly shows that the Hong Kong star is completely satisfied and happy with her current life.

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