One Piece 1056 Spoilers


**Source: Thanks to Etenboby on Worstgen and Redon from MangaHelpers**

**Chapter Title: Cross Guild**

-*On the cover of the chapter, Katakuri and Oven vs Germa.*

-*The information about the organization “CROSS GUILD” appears in the newspaper, where we can see a poster with Buggy, Crocodile and Mihawk, and organization’s logo.*

-*Buggy put bounties on Marine’s heads*

-*NO bounties are revealed in this chapter*

-*Caribou hears a conversation from the Straw Hat crew about Pluton.*

-*Caribou: “First Poseidon and now Pluton!? I must tell THAT PERSON at once.”*

-*Neko and Inu are staying in Wano, and they choose Carrot as their successor to lead the Minks.*

-*Luffy, Kid and Law are set off in different routes, like it was explained in [Fishman Island](

-*Kid leaves Wano but it is not to go after Shanks, Kid will search “a man with a burned mark” who seems to hold some hint about One Piece.*

-*Momonosuke and Kinemon get up and realize that Luffy and his crew are about to leave Wanokuni. Straw Hat crew said goodbye to everyone except Momonosuke and Kinemon.*

-*Shinobu is beautiful again thanks to Aramaki’s attack.*

-*Shinobu becomes Tama’s mentor. Luffy promises Tama that she can become his nakama when she can use Ninjutsu.*

-*In the final page we see Yamato standing at the castle roof, Yamato is about to run to where Luffy and his crew are*

-**Jump Break next week** *(No chapter for any of the SJ mangas)*

**From Redon: In the end I don’t have time to write the summary, sorry. Let’s see if I can publish it tomorrow if no one has done it already**

One Piece 1056 Spoilers
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