/r/OnePiece – Buggy Day 2022


#Buggy day will happen August 8th (Monday)

> **What is buggy day?**

To promote /r/MemePiece, it was decided to create [Buggy Day]( a day where people can post meme or shitpost freely on the subreddit, without having [to care about the rules](

This will be the 5th year since the creation of this event! Happy 5th anniversary!

You can check previous events posts with [this link](

> Not care about ALL the rules?

Well no. **Rule 1, 8, and 11** are still in place. **No spoilers** are allowed, no porn are allowed, and anything rude isn’t allowed either.

> What if I don’t want to participate in Buggy Day, or don’t like it?

Then you should avoid the subreddit for the 24 hours or so of the event.

> What’s in it if I participate in the event?

The top post will get special user flair is they so want. Either as part of a theme, or for you to choose. Some of the other favorite post will also be choosen for a special flair.


So prepare yourself for August 8th, [and have fun]( The event should start at 0:00 CEST (10 PM GMT, 6PM EDT, 3PM PDT), and be on Sunday to Monday.

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