24 thoughts on “Linakaneki cosplaying all the best One Piece women”

  1. LMAO OP down BAD based on his comments on this thread.

    Edit: Damn OP. You really need to reevaluate, and learn when to stop defending/commenting. This battle ain’t one of those. Just. Stop.


  2. Everyone: “Damn is she okay? That doesnt look right.”

    OP: “tHiS iS wHaT rEaL wOmAn LoOk LiKe!! NeVeR SuRgErY, nEvEr EdIt!!! 100% NaTuRaL!!!!!!”

    Sauce is @linakaneki on TikTok

    Her Insta is linked there but it’s only 1 post

    Can’t tell if it’s edited but her oldest videos look slightly more realistic

    @OP – I hope you find the help you need. And I dont mean buying yet another anime body pillow to defile.


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