Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 265: 2 Men Who Changed Mikey’s Life


Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 265, summary of chapter 264: After a week’s break, Tokyo Revengers continues with the story of Mikey’s past and the two men who changed the life of Prime Minister Mikey.

Summary Tokyo Revergers 264

Tokyo revengers 265

Tokyo Revengers 264 has the main content about the development of Toman by Mikey. Mikey likes “strong guys”, so he formed Toman with founding members like us.

After Shinichiro’s incident, Mikey seemed to have lost his spiritual support. To fill the sadness, Mikey and his teammates expand Toman with the goal of becoming the top gang in Japan.

At the end of the chapter, Mikey remembers the two people who “changed” his life – Takemichi and Kisaki.

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Tokyo Revergers 265 spoil spoiler prediction

Tokyo revengers 265

The next chapter will be Mikey’s flashback again, with the main content being the events that happened in Tokyo Revergers. Takemichi as the light, bringing joy to Mikey. In contrast, Kisaki was the one who helped Mikey expand Toman, but also brought Mikey’s calamity. Chapter 265 will show us clearly the impact Takemichi and Kisaki had on Mikey.

In Tokyo Revengers, Mikey once fell into a state of “dark instinct” when he tried to beat Kazutora to death. At that time, Baji sacrificed himself to make Mikey wake up. Lag thinks this is an episode related to Mikey and Sanzu’s past (when Mikey smacked his friend).

In addition, Mikey seems to have known the state of “dark instinct” since he was a child. Whenever something bad happens, Mikey mutters “don’t show up”. This detail shows that Mikey has been holding back for a long time – perhaps because he still has people he wants to protect. In the next chapter or two, we’ll probably get a better idea of ​​why Mikey doesn’t suppress his “dark instincts” anymore.

UPDATE: Tokyo Revengers 265 will have 26 pages with large coloring pages.

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Spoiler Tokyo Revergers 265

Tokyo Revengers 265 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for August 14.

Tokyo Revergers 265 release time

Taking a week off for Obon, Tokyo Revergers chapter 265 is scheduled to be released August 17, 2022. Spoiler information will be updated by Lag.vn NOW IN THIS ARTICLE as soon as possible, so bookmark it now to be the first to update new content.

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