Instead of fighting with extraterrestrial forces, Boruto can delve deeper into Fairy Arts

Instead of fighting with “aliens”, the Boruto series can fully exploit the power of Fairy Tales.

Instead of fighting with extraterrestrial forces, Boruto can delve deeper into Fairy Arts

Instead of fighting with extraterrestrial forces, Boruto can delve deeper into Fairy Arts

Now, after a long time of release, it can be affirmed that Boruto manga is a “failure” for previous Naruto fans. Not only because the plot lacks depth, building characters in a haphazard way, but Boruto also tries to “put down” the previous generation to give Boruto and his friends space to express themselves.

However, if we go back to the time when the Boruto series was released, instead of focusing on exploiting the Otsutsuki family from space, the author (then Kodachi Ukyo) lost the essence of a The series is set in the world of “The Ninja”, he can completely change direction and focus on exploiting new elements in Naruto’s world. For example, how the rapid change and rise of technology affects the world of Shinobi or delves deeper into the roots of special forms of power, such as Fairy Art (or fully called it). Fairy Tales).

Sage Magic is a state that grants its practitioner unparalleled power, by combining natural chakra and bodily chakra. Sage Magic allows the person to harness the natural energies of the world around them, unleashing new techniques and enhancing the ninjutsu they possess.

Fairy Arts or Sage Magic is a very special state in the Shinobi world

According to legend, Sage Magic was taught in two places: at Mount Myoboku by Toads, and at Ryuchi Cave by snakes. The user of the Sage Magic must have a “Extreme Chakra” level in order to perform senjutsu. One more thing is that the person’s body also has to withstand this huge energy source.

In order to successfully cultivate the Immortal Art, one needs to achieve absolute balance with nature, both physically and mentally. If the user does not have enough natural energy, the senjutsu will fail to cast; on the contrary, if there is too much energy from nature, their body will turn to stone forever. Or they will turn into toads or snakes, depending on the place of cultivation.

It can be said that the Immortal Art is a very special form of power, when it uses the energy from Nature assimilated with the person’s own Chakra to help them increase their strength significantly. In the past, the First Hokage Hashirama Senju used Immortal Technique in combination with his own Wood Release and played against Madara using the Nine-Tails in combination with All-True Body Susano. It can be said that the power of Fairy Art is no less than the ability of Ninjutsu (derived from the Ninja School created by the Sage of the Six Paths).

Manga Boruto could completely choose to delve deeper into the origins of Fairy Art as well as explain more about this special power instead of giving the audience a “Dragon Ball”-style series ( In fact, in Naruto, the author Kishimoto Masashi has not yet exploited too much about the power and ability of the Sage Magic).

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