Tokyo Revengers 266 spoiler prediction: Mikey’s ’emotions’ for Takemichi


Tokyo Revengers 266 spoiler prediction, chapter 265 summary: Mikey’s flashback continues with the main content being his thoughts on the main character Takemichi. Soon, the mysteries of the 2 years after the Thien Truc arc may be revealed!

Summary Tokyo Revergers 265

Tokyo revengers 266

Tokyo Revengers is Mikey’s flashback to the time he met Takemichi and Kisaki. Hearing of the deal that will help Pachin get out of prison from Kisaki, Mikey discusses with member Toman who will recruit him. Draken, Mitsuya, and Baji protest, causing Toman’s internal affairs to split in two. Mikey during this time got closer to Mikey. He also revealed that there is something “dark” growing inside of him.

On October 31, Mikey lost himself. Mikey himself considers that he himself not only needs strength but also pursues “darkness”. While Mikey was absorbed in that thought, Takemichi intervened, preventing Mikey from killing Kazutora.

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Tokyo Revergers 266 spoiler prediction

Tokyo revengers 266

Tokyo Revengers 266 gave us the story of the person who brought “darkness” to Mikey – Kisaki. Going to chapter 266, we will know more about the minister’s thoughts about Takemichi – the one who brought “light”. The content of the chapter will of course be a flashback to the events after the bloody Halloween night.

If we pay attention, we will realize that since being stopped by Takemichi in the battle with Valhalla, Mikey has controlled his “dark instincts”. Even when Emma died or when confronting Izana, Mikey still reacted very calmly. So what did Mikey become now?

As Lag predicts, Mikey’s flashback will give us the answer. Possibly after the battle with Thien Truc, Mikey disbanded the crew and became lonely. With no longer Takemichi and his teammates, and with Sanzu – the character that can be considered Kisaki’s “replacement” always standing by, Mikey has once again lost himself.

Mikey’s flashback will not only stop at the Thien Truc arc, but will most likely give us information about the time 2 years later. Well, the reason why Sanzu knows Takemichi is a time traveler hasn’t been explained yet. Will we ever get the answer in flashback?

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Spoiler Tokyo Revengers 266

Tokyo Revengers 26 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for August 21.

Tokyo Revergers 266 Release Time

Tokyo Revergers chapter 266 is scheduled to be released August 24, 2022. Spoiler information will be updated by NOW IN THIS ARTICLE as soon as possible, so bookmark it now to be the first to update new content.

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