One Punch Man 221 Spoiler Prediction: Flashy Flash Finds Saitama – Bofoi for Secret Plan

One Punch Man 221 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 220 Summary: After listening to Genos tell a 4-hour story about Saitama, The Shining has an extremely “interesting” intention. Dr. Bofoi is also wary of Saitama when he notices the power of the bald hero.

One Punch Man 220 Synopsis

The main content of Episode 220 is a meeting between the S-Class heroes, summarizing the information they have gathered during their past wars. God is mentioned. Blast has fought GOD for 20 years, and he met GOD directly two years ago, Sitch said. Currently, Blast and his teammates are looking for a cube connected to GOD in order to find a way to stop him. At the same time, “Heroes should be united and work together.

Genos then started showing off his teacher. He told everyone what happened between Saitama and the wolf dog, but no one believed him. Even so, it raises suspicion that each hero has his own move.

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One Punch Man 221 Spoiler Predictions

One Punch Man 221

Even though he was the one who witnessed Saitama fighting, Shining still regards Saitama only as an unpolished rough diamond. With all the “superior”, the hero will turn to Saitama to ask the bald hero to take him as his teacher. There will be a little showdown between Saitama and Flashy Flash that you definitely don’t want to miss.

As mentioned in previous spoilers, the Honey Mask is a very important character in this arc. The thinking about his “ideal hero” at the end of Chapter 220 is the premise that leads us to the climax of the plot. His true face and honey mask will be revealed – let’s see what it looks like.

The next chapter of the story will introduce us to a new group of heroes. This guild and her husband will have many different mechanisms, and soon attract many heroes to join. The conflict of heroism will be clearly portrayed through the two associations…Which side will Saitama choose? Let’s wait and see.

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One Punch Man 221 Official Spoilers

One Punch Man 221 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible.

One Punch Man 221 release date

As planned, One Punch Man episode 221 will be November 17. will update the spoiler information as soon as possible.

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