Spoiler My Hero Academia 364: A hero who sacrificed his life to save Bakugo’s life!


Spoiler My Hero Academia 364, chapter 363 summary: With the climax of All For One and the others, the hero side is completely lost. The situation is very tense, Deku show up soon!

Summary of My Hero Academia 363

During MHA 363, Best Jeanist confirmed that he could no longer feel Bakugo’s pulse. Shigaraki was very pleased at this point, constantly provoking the heroes. He tried to attack Miruko, but she resisted fiercely, so Shigaraki couldn’t do anything for the time being.

In another development, Dabi is still alive! He copied Shoto’s skills and started burning everyone and everything around him. Later, we learn that the villains can track every hero’s location using an artificial satellite controlled by Skeptic. This guy has now hacked into the UA’s system, thereby preventing the heroes’ information transmission and affecting the hiding mechanism underneath the UA. It turns out that outside of the Aoyama family is just one of many people All For One has installed in the academy!

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Spoiler My Hero Academia 362: Deathflag is too big – Bakugo sacrificed?

My Hero Academia 364 spoiler prediction

my hero academia 364

True to what readers feared, All For One had a detailed plan for every possible scenario. Even though the hero side prevails at first, he still has cards ready to flip. This villain is the villain!

The hero faction is losing on most fronts. What is their hope now? If it wasn’t for foreign interference, Lag thought it could only be Deku. He needed to be at Shigaraki’s place immediately to deal with this guy and revive the morale of the right side. Monoma has opened her eyes for too long. If we don’t hurry up, not only Bakugo but also UA academy and the commoners will be in danger too!

Given the situation at Kamino, the next chapter will probably have several pages on the confrontation between Ochako and Toga. Next, we will see Deku. The “something” that appeared before Deku’s eyes a few chapters ago will probably also be revealed soon.

Although the development of the next chapter is quite unpredictable, we are provided with a lot of details that indicate the counterattack of the right side. First of all, the people inside the UA will “fight” by capturing the villains. The problem of information is quite urgent, so someone needs to be able to defeat Skeptic. This needs to be done quickly, otherwise it will be very difficult for the heroes to oppose All For One’s plan.

To win, the hero side will need reinforcements. So who can fight with them? It will probably be characters like Stain. Honestly, Lag really wanted Eri to be able to join the fight. That girl’s power was in great demand right now.

Spoiler My Hero Academia 364

Title My Hero Academia 364: What makes you use your power.

At the beginning of the chapter, we see a brief flashback of the doctor extracting the Quirk’s ability to destroy bullets. All of his research was taken by All For One when he left Tartarus.

Tokoyami realizes All For One’s recovery has something to do with Eri. All For One flies away, stealing one hero’s outfit and another’s ability. Hawks is too weak now to keep up with him.

All For One said his body will soon die using research from doctors. But that’s okay, because “everything has been transferred to Shigaraki”. Now AFO’s mission will be to kill as many heroes as possible!

Switch scene to Washington DC Aghpar is asking the president to send troops to deal with Shigaraki, or it will be too late. The President thinks that the US is also in danger, so that is not possible. Aghpar was so angry that he shouted:

That monster can’t exist in our future!

Aghpar then showed a picture of Star And Stripe when she was a child. He also used the heroine’s ideology as a “weapon” to convince the president. Whether Aghpar gets what he wants is unknown at the moment as the chapter returns to UA shortly after. Edgeshot with his powers begins to creep into Bakugou’s body, trying to save the young hero’s life. Meanwhile, Miruko restrains Shigaraki. Looks like Edgeshot intends to use part of his body to make up for Bakugou. In the following page, Edgeshot tells Best Jeanist:

I leave the rest to you, class rep Hakumada.

On the final page, Edgeshot uses his strongest jutsu with the goal of becoming Bakugo’s heart!

My Hero Academia 364 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for August 25.

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My Hero release time Academia 364

My Hero Academia chapter 364 is scheduled to be released August 29, 2022. Spoiler information will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible IN THIS POST.

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