One Piece 1058 spoiler prediction: The next destination of the Straw Hats is…

One Piece 1058 spoiler prediction, chapter 1057 summary: At the end of the Wano arc, the Straw Hats head to the next island. With the plan to end the story in 3 years, will Oda-sensei let Luffy and his teammates dock on a special island?

Summary of One Piece 1056

one piece 1058

Chapter 1056 is the end of the story in Wano Country. Momonosuke, Yamato and Kinemon rushed to the harbor to divide up the Straw Hats. Momo is very angry, because obviously Luffy has been together for so long and doesn’t even say goodbye. He decided that when he met Luffy, he would beat him up once and for all!

On the way, Yamato said that he will not go out to sea for the time being. Yamato wanted to go around the country first, just like the way Oden did. I told Luffy already and he agreed.

Momonosuke recalled the memories he had gained while traveling with the Straw Hats. He finally meets Luffy and his crew. Momonosuke couldn’t hold back his tears, sobbing like a child. Luffy gives him a present – the Straw Hats flag. Luffy said that he considers Momonosuke a younger brother and that anyone who touches him is also the new Yonko’s crew.

After breaking up, Luffy, Law, and Kid left Wano… the worst way. Arc Wano closes with the narrator’s greeting.

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Spoiler One Piece 1056: The reason why Buggy was crowned Yonko – appeared to organize a hunt for the Marines!

One Piece 1057 spoiler prediction

one piece 1058

After so many years, the Wano arc – or rather Luffy’s journey to defeat Kaido has come to an end. This journey has been the goal of the Straw Hats ever since they passed through the New World. Now, when the alliance has disbanded, where will the author let Luffy and his teammates go? According to Lag, they would dock on an island with a large guide to One Piece’s location. According to Oda-sensei, One Piece will run out in 3 years, so it must be like that to meet the deadline?

So which island will the Straw Hats go to? There are 2 islands that are most anticipated by readers: Elbaf – the island of giants and Hachinosu – the island of Blackbeard. The next chapter probably won’t tell us where the Straw Hats are headed, but it will at least give us a few hints.

Leaving the country separate from the world, the Straw Hats will easily update more information about the current world. It is possible that in One Piece 1057 – 1058, we will learn more about what Sabo did, Buggy’s “comforts”. Akainu is also about to mobilize the Navy to become more active, so the upcoming events will be very tense.

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Spoiler One Piece 1057

One Piece 1058 spoiler will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for August 24.

One Piece release time 1058

One Piece Chapter 1058 is scheduled to be released on August 29, 2022 Japan time. Spoiler information will be update NOW IN THIS ARTICLE so if you don’t want to miss out on all the latest, save this article or bookmark it now!

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