Dragon Ball Super 88: New Arc – New Goku Form VS Black Frieza?

Dragon Ball Super 88 spoiler prediction, chapter 87 summary: With the sudden appearance of the Emperor, it is possible that the next arc of DBS will be Goku taking a new form to confront Black Frieza!

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Summary of Dragon Ball Super 87

Dragon Ball Super 88

Confronting the combination of Granola, Goku and Vegeta, Gas completely failed. However, he still managed to use a little bit of power to attack the Saiyans. At this moment, an unexpected character appeared. That’s Frieza the Great!

With strength surpassing even the strongest warrior in the universe, Frieza punches Gas to death. The Emperor also quickly annihilated Elec. While the family members were confused, Frieza transformed into Black Frieza and punched Goku and Vegeta. After showing off his strength, Frieza disappeared on Heeter’s ship. Where he went is unknown.

The war is over. Whis is present, bringing Goku and Vegeta back to Earth. Along the way, Goku asks if Frieza is the strongest fighter. Whis wasn’t sure. He said maybe it was a baby just born into this universe.

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Dragon Ball Super 88 spoiler prediction

Dragon Ball Super 88

After a cool appearance, Frieza leaves with Heeter’s ship. On this ship is the body of number 73. I thought 73 would play some role in this arc, but it doesn’t seem to be. With the hour 73 in Frieza’s hands, is there any chance that the Emperor will be preparing for another invasion?

Black Frieza appeared only a little bit but showed superior fighting ability to Goku and Vegeta. It is expected that in the next arc, Goku will have to practice more and transform into a new form to be able to eat Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super 87 closes the Granola story arc. This arc of the story… is a bit bland, isn’t it? Or is it just a stepping stone to a more explosive development in the next arc? After the story pauses for a month, perhaps we will have a more accurate answer.

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Dragon Ball Super 88 Release Time

The story is on hiatus for a month, so Dragon Ball Super – Super Dragon Ball chapter 88 will be released in the evening October 20, 2022. Spoiler information will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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