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33 thoughts on “BAKUGO REALLY JUST DIED!!! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! – My Hero Academia Chapter 362”

  1. Not a fan of Bakugou, but not really believing this is a permanent death either. Shounen manga do these fakeouts all the time, including classic ones like Yu Yu Hakusho. It would be a great narrative choice if Bakugou does die here, but I don't believe Hori would actually do it.


    Just kill me ……….. ://////

  3. y'know the dead bakugo with the trading card reminds me of the security officer killed by loki that was found by capt. america holding a capt. america trading card he wanted autographed

  4. Honestly, now a bigger question than “Is bakugou dead?” Is the question, “Can he come back to life?”
    Cuz when it comes to his death, He dead as hell yalls, jeanist said his heart stopped, BUT he can be brought back to life! Let me explain…

    1. His quirk posses nitroglycerin which is present in medicines that are used as a standard medicine for a heart attack and other major problems so his own quirk can save him IF AND ONLY IF his heart didn’t “EXPLODE” (as many people are implying even tho in the manga it was said his heart STOPPED)

    2. Eris quirk. “Eri's Quirk allows her to reverse a living individual's body back to a previous state, allowing her to make her target physically younger, heal injuries, and undo bodily modifications. She has even shown the ability to rewind someone's body to a point before they existed” This is the original explaination of her quirk. Focus on the words “REWIND SOMEONES BODY TO A POINT BEFORE THEY EXISTED” which means she defs can bring some one back to life!

    3. Glimpse of the fututre. In CHP 293 or something, a quick show at adult Todoroki ,deku AND BAKUGOU and the rest of 1-A so like- hes alive in the future!

    4. The fourth user, as hes explaining in the video.

  5. Delete your channel. Algorythm can't tell who has read the manga or not. My friend better not get this video pop up. Checked the video list and it seems this is not the only one.

  6. ((Plz read it till the end…))
    What's going on!!! I'm personally a huge bakugou Stan🧡:(…I'm really traumatized after hearing this news…..he really went through a lot,even if it went unnoticed by lots of people T – T
    thats not the point here but as soon this legendary anime is about to BIDS GOODBYE:),in case that he is actually going away from us i think this will be the strongest fight & greatest sacrifice of KATSUKI BAKUGOU 🧡🖤as he finally prove that what it takes to be number one hero ^_^

    he is stubborn but
    not immature¯_(ツ)_/¯ hence,he knew what it would lead in the end.I'm glad he did what he felt was right!!…..
    ♡OI OI OI♡ if he is alive then man that will be greatest thing that would ever happen to me😌.I just wish that they will end it as unforgettable anime series🙂

  7. Idk I honestly don't see him dying. This is a really fitting character development for him. They are only in year one (!!!) it doesn't make any sense that Bakugou Katsuki one of the most popular characters dies so early on


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