Youtuber suddenly found a lost version of Sailor Moon, but this Sailor looks weird


A Youtuber has unexpectedly found a long lost version of Mercury Moon, but this version looks very different from Japan’s Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) is one of the monuments of the world Anime village, with beautiful sailor girls who always fight for the right to be the childhood of countless fans around the world.

However, have you ever thought that Sailor Moon Is there a version made in the US? And this is true when recently, a female Youtuber named Ray Mona has “digged” again a video of Mercury and the Moon, a US-made version that has been lost for a long time.

It is known that this version is called Saban Moon and is animated by the studio Toon Makers has collaborated with the parent studio of Power Rangers, Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment to perform. There is one thing that is extremely remarkable when Saban Moon is a movie that combines Live-action and animation.

However, this project was quickly terminated and what we do know is a short MV that was premiered at an Anime fair, held in the 1990s.

Since then, the products related to this project have been forgotten, until Youtuber Ray Mona found it, the worldwide online community learned more interesting information about it. With the help of Kotaku reporter Cecilia D’Anastasio, this YouTuber was approved by former Bandai America president Frank Ward to let Ray Mona put a movie version on his Youtube video.

Youtuber suddenly found a lost version of Sailor Moon

Compared to the Japanese Sailor Moon part, Saban Moon is a bit different, because the scenes on Earth will be done in live-action form, not until the Sailors go out into space to be described. in animation only. The drawing of Saban Moon is also very different from Sailor Moon, because the Sailors will have a more sexy body, and at the same time do not have the glittering eyes like the Japanese Anime version.


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