Young body like the twenties of “Miss Trieu Man” Le Tu


The latest picture posted by Le Tu on his personal page received many compliments from the audience for his youthful beauty like a girl in her twenties.

Although she has left the Hong Kong entertainment industry to focus on taking care of her family and business, any move of her “Trieu Man” Le Tu always receives the attention of the audience.

Le Tu’s life at this age is extremely full and happy. Away from the screen, away from the hustle and bustle of Cbiz, once known as “small tam”, “haunted”, Le Tu now lives a full and happy life. The beauty still retains her youthful beauty, staying in a villa worth 1,000 billion VND.

The figure is as young as her twenties, Trieu Man Le Tu - Photo 1.

Childhood with many events

Le Tu was born into a family with artistic traditions, enjoying a happy and fulfilling life.

But who would have thought, when she was 9 years old, a series of events struck this small family. When Le Tu’s paternal grandparents died, family members rushed into a battle for property. The beauty’s father has meningitis, can’t hear in both ears, needs someone to take care of.

Later, Le Tu shared: “My relatives were all shunned from my family. My mother could only lead me, my younger brother and my disabled father to live in a tiny house.” Loving her hard-working mother, Le Tu tries to do some errands to help her family make ends meet.

Unlucky love

The figure is as young as her twenties, Trieu Man Le Tu - Photo 2.

Le Tu at the age of 51 is still stylish and beautiful, few can match.

Few people know that, before finding true happiness, Le Tu was quite miserable in love, even being hurt to the point of wanting to commit suicide.

In 1985, the goddess of luck finally smiled at this beautiful girl. At the age of 14, Le Tu was discovered by famous singer Hua Quan Kiet and entered showbiz with 2 films, O Long Dai Gia Dinh and Soaring Linh Duong. However, at that time, the actress did not make a big impact. Moreover, because she wanted to continue her studies, she temporarily left Cbiz for a while.

In 1990, when he re-exported, Le Tu quickly signed a contract with TVB and became famous through such films as Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky, Sham Cung Civil War, Marrying Rich Rich… With beautiful beauty In particular, the flower girl was given beautiful titles such as “The first beauty of TVB”, “The most beautiful Trieu Man on the screen”.

The figure is as young as her twenties, Trieu Man Le Tu - Photo 3.

Le Tu’s happy family.

Famously beautiful in Cang Thom, Le Tu has no shortage of followers. However, her love life was not smooth sailing. Le Tu once surprised the public when he dated a Hong Kong comic tycoon 21 years older than him, Hoang Ngoc Lang – the author of famous stories such as Long Ho Mon, Tathagata Than Chuong. The big difference in age has caused the flower girl TVB to face many words in and out, being considered “small tam” to enter other people’s families. Even so, she still ignored everything, passionately with a lover worthy of her father’s age.

However, this love affair did not last long when Hoang Ngoc Lang faced suspicions of financial fraud and was at risk of going to jail. Before this situation, Hoang Ngoc Lang immediately broke up with Le Tu, wanting to return to his ex-wife to seek help. Shocked by this, Le Tu was extremely miserable and tried everything to hold on, but couldn’t. She even had foolish thoughts, wanting to commit suicide because of emotional trauma.

At this time, the young master of the super-rich world Hua Tan Hanh – Ly Gia Han’s husband now appeared and pursued the beauty with great enthusiasm, splashing money to buy a house worth 1.8 million Hong Kong dollars. (5.34 billion VND) donated to the actress. In the late 1980s, this was indeed a “heavenly” number, but at that time, Le Tu still did not accept love. TVB beauty said, Hua Tan Hanh is a very good person, very polite, but at that time, she was still hurt by her first love, so she refused.

After that, Le Tu had two love affairs with other wealthy giants and were both older than her: Bang Duy Tan (over 3 years old) and Thai Chi Minh (over 23 years old). However, both times, actress Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky lost her charm because her personality did not match.

Current relationship with a billionaire 3000 billion

2008 was an important turning point in Le Tu’s life. Le Anh – Le Tu’s younger brother had a traffic accident and fell into a deep coma. After 3 months of treatment, Le Anh regained consciousness but was disabled, unable to walk and fell into a state of stupor.

Extremely distressed, the actress worked hard while filming to pay for hospital fees, while taking care of her younger brother and Le Anh’s beauty salon business efforts. At this time, billionaire Ma Dinh Cuong is always by her side, helping her a lot and promising: “I will take care of you for the rest of my life”.

It is known that before this accident, Ma Dinh Cuong pursued Le Tu enthusiastically but was not accepted by the beautiful woman. Perhaps “the tribulation is sincere”, Le Tu was extremely touched and decided to get on a flower car with this disabled man. In 2008, the couple officially registered their marriage and returned to the same house to the surprise of the public.

Ma Dinh Cuong is one of the famous billionaires of Cang Thom with a fortune of up to 1 billion Hong Kong dollars (3000 billion dong). This disabled tycoon came from one of the “four great families” of Cang Thom in the 1950s. The movie The Four Great Families of Chi Long Tiger Brothers was also modeled after the billionaire’s father and uncle. this. Not to mention, he also has an extremely wide relationship in the Gypsy world.

Deciding to leave showbiz after marrying a rich man, there are many “conspiracy theories” that Le Tu is money-hungry, rich or just wants to repay the favor. However, time has proved it all. More than 10 years together, Le Tu and Ma Dinh Cuong have never been involved in a marriage rift.

Le Tu became a good wife and mother, she gave birth to Ma Dinh Cuong 3 beautiful princesses and dedicated to taking care of her small family.

Now, after efforts in building a peaceful family life, the younger brother after 10 years of illness now shows signs of recovering his health, making Le Tu become a beauty that makes the whole Cbiz admire. and give a lot of praise.

Beauty ‘top of the top’ at the age of 51

The figure is as young as her twenties, Trieu Man Le Tu - Photo 4.

Many viewers were surprised with the new series of photos of Le Tu in France, the actress is beautiful and young compared to the age of 51.

Recently, during a vacation in Paris, Le Tu shared a series of photos of this trip on his IG. In the series of photos, Le Tu wears a deep slit skirt, a sweet smile full of femininity, younger than her real age.

With this series of photos, no one thinks that Le Tu is 51 years old and is the mother of three children. It is not ashamed to be called “the first beauty of Hong Kong”.

The figure is as young as her twenties, Trieu Man Le Tu - Photo 5.

At the age of 51, Le Tu is still “herself a crane with a shell”

The photo Le Tu took in Paris, she looks like the image of Trieu Man decades ago. In another development, Le Tu posted a new video recording a scene of her enjoying a relaxed period while drinking and enjoying food in Paris. Every minute and every second, Le Tu gives everyone a feeling of freedom as well as the fact that actress Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky can clearly feel how satisfied she is from her expression.

With Le Tu’s beauty forgetting time, many netizens left messages and praised Le Tu: “The real goddess”, “The beauty is not inferior to the age of 18”, “Beautiful and noble”, “The most beautiful district of Trieu Man”, “The stars of Miss Hong Kong beauty in the 1990s are so beautiful, the next generation is too disappointed”, “This is actually the best Trieu Man in the versions” , “She looks more beautiful and charismatic than the beauty queen”, “She is so happy to admire. The charm looks unbearable”,…

Throughout the years, it can be seen that Le Tu has maintained a good form regardless of appearance and body. She is always in the best shape, even at the age of 51, Le Tu is still like a young girl who has just entered the entertainment industry. It could even be said that she was mature for her age.

There were almost no traces of years left on her face, but her hands were thinner, the back of her hands was full of blue veins, revealing her real age. But, this doesn’t seem to affect her beauty much.

The figure is as young as her twenties, Trieu Man Le Tu - Photo 6.
The figure is as young as her twenties, Trieu Man Le Tu - Photo 7.
The figure is as young as her twenties, Trieu Man Le Tu - Photo 8.

The balanced figure and attractive charisma of beauty Le Tu on the cover of the magazine

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