Who will become the new Black Panther of the Marvel cinematic universe?

Marvel Studios has previously confirmed that it will not be casting a new actor for the role of Black Panther following the sudden departure of actor Chadwick Boseman, but the MCU still needs a talented Black Panther warrior to confront the dangers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. future.

Phase 4 of the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) is gradually coming to an end, with the blockbuster “closing” Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which will be released on 11/11 this year. This movie will bring Namor the Sub-Mariner and the mysterious undersea kingdom Atlantis to the big screen for the first time to confront a Wakanda who is going through deep trauma after losing his king.

After the sudden departure of Chadwick Boseman at the end of 2020, it seems that Marvel Studios has also decided to let T’Challa, his role in the MCU, rest in the upcoming blockbuster. The first Wakanda Forever trailer opened with tragic moments with many images related to African funeral customs, as a way for Marvel to pay tribute to Chadwick and his contributions. him for their cinematic works.

However, Wakanda still needs a king, a new superhero Black Panther, to lead them in the upcoming tough battle with Namor and Atlantis. Marvel Studios has confirmed that they will not be recruiting a new actor to replace Chadwick, meaning that the role of Black Panther will most likely be handed over to one of T’Challa’s relatives and friends. Here are the most promising faces for this important position.


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Possessing superior intelligence, and having a blood relationship with T’Challa, Shuri is perhaps the strongest candidate for the role of the successor Black Panther. In the original manga, after the departure of his brother, Shuri also overcomes many difficult challenges to become the next Black Panther warrior. She also encountered difficulties and doubts about her own abilities in that journey, similar to what T’Challa experienced before taking over the role of Black Panther.

However, considering Shuri’s age in the MCU, it is difficult to confirm whether Marvel Studios will let her become the Black Panther like in the comics, especially since Shuri usually only shows more intellectual strengths. the ability to fight.


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Okoye has been the talented leader of the Dora Milaje army for many years, and is also the right hand of the T’Challa family in helping them keep the peace for Wakanda. In terms of combat prowess, she deserves to be a strong candidate for the role of Black Panther. In addition, as a close courtier of the royal family, Okoye also understands their responsibilities and operations very well.

After the events in Avengers: Infinity War, Okoye was the one to shoulder the foreign responsibilities according to T’Challa’s policy of opening the country. She regularly “meets” with the Avengers to report on abnormalities in Wakanda (one of which is the upheaval on the seabed – a “teasing” detail for Namor in Avengers: Endgame).

If he becomes the successor of Black Panther, Okoye can hand over the leadership of Dora Milaje to other talented members. Among them, the most prominent is Ayo, who has repeatedly shown her transcendent skills on screen even as a supporting role. In addition, as a Black Panther warrior, Okoye can personally go to war and support other superheroes when needed, following the ideal that T’Challa has always pursued.


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Nakia has repeatedly left a strong impression on the audience thanks to her intelligence skillset. Although not interested in the role of Black Panther, it is not ruled out that Nakia will accept to become the next Black Panther warrior, as a way to pay tribute to T’Challa.

Nakia also possesses many combat skills trained to perfection, plus superior strategic ability that is not inferior to Okoye. She can completely become a good leader to help Wakanda confront the enemy in the upcoming movie. In addition, with Wakanda’s specialized diving suit, it is likely that Nakia has discovered the existence of Atlantis and even secrets related to Namor. These are all important advantages when the war between these two kingdoms broke out.


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M’Baku, the only king besides T’Challa, has repeatedly demonstrated absolute loyalty to the Jabari tribe and Wakanda in general. Despite his tough, rude, and unapproachable appearance, M’Baku is a leader with a warm heart and is always ready to sacrifice himself for his people.

As the lucky survivor of Thanos’ infinity snap in Avengers: Infinity War, M’Baku continues to prove his leadership ability as he guides Jabari and Wakanda through the tough times of the crisis. Although he always thinks that he is not brave enough and capable to become Black Panther, when necessary, it is likely that M’Baku will still accept this role to protect the safety of his homeland.


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This will probably be the most controversial choice on this list. Erik Killmonger is the main villain in the first Black Panther movie, who used to take advantage of Wakanda’s resources, defeat T’Challa and plot war on the world. Wrong thinking and blind hatred led Killmonger astray, only to pay with his own life.

However, that has not stopped some fans from hoping for the return of this character, whether by some sort of “divine” revival, or as a variant from another reality. In every respect, Killmonger is not inferior to T’Challa, not to mention he is also of Wakanda’s royal line. If true, this will probably be one of the most unexpected and bold decisions of Marvel Studios.

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