We don’t have the full crew yet

After some recent developments in the chapters after Kaido feel, it seems that Yamato will be a new straw hat. But I’m not here to argue about Yamato’s chances or Carrot chances (I’ll just say I think Yamato will actually join very soon, and Carrot won’t). Regardless, whether Yamato joins or not, it seems that some people believe that this is the last crew member we’ll have… right? After all, Luffy said he wanted 10 people!! Who could we have left?? Well, it’s not one person… it’s actually two.

Nefertari Vivi and Karoo the duck


Yes, you read it well, after Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbe and Yamato, Vivi and Karoo will be the ones that close the group, the last people that will be part of this amazing group of characters.

At first, I understand why people think Yamato will be the last one. The 10 people argument is not a bad point, but I think it would be safe to say that Oda has changed his mind about it (given how much his story has grown from his initial outline). The other main argument I see is that we are already in the final saga: there’s no time for introducing a new character + a backstory + give them relationships with the rest of the straw hats. The thing is… we don’t need that with Vivi. Let’s see: introduction, check ✅. Backstory? Done ✅✅. Relationship with straw hats? Sure ✅✅✅. We would just need her to meet the ones she hasn’t met yet (Robin, Franky etc) but that is not at all something difficult. So basically, if we are going to get a straw hat after Yamato, it has to be Vivi, since we can save A TON of time that we will need for the final war.

The thing is… Why am I arguing that the crew wouldn’t be complete without Vivi? After all, Luffy did say he wanted 10 people, not counting himself. And yeah, maybe that’s true. But the thing is, and the main point of my theory is that **Vivi has been teased A LOT to rejoin**. Let’s start with their goodbye scene, one of the best scenes in the series in my opinion.


[chapter 216](

In this very scene, in the very moment they are saying goodbye to each other, we can already see how easy it would be her rejoining. She literally tolds the crew that she can’t go with them, since she has responsibilities in her country, but teases the possibility of seeing each other again, and asks them if they would still consider her a crewmate. To this, Luffy tries to yell a big yes, but Nami tells him not to since the marines are watching, and that’s when they do the arm thing. So basically, the moment they reunite, they will consider her a crewmate as equal as the rest.

Not only that, but Vivi is no ordinary character. First of all, assuming [this video is accurate]( she is the 11th character with the most panel time in the series by chapter 1000, and her position shouldn’t change a lot. Not only that, but it is an incredible feat given that, after Arabasta, she has barely had any screentime. Again, I’m counting on the accuracy of the video, but that is not a bad argument. But there’s more to it.

Vivi is the only character that has been consistently shown during the story after her own arc. She even has a lot of moments reacting to the events in which the straw hats were involved. In chapter 439 she is seen talking about what happened in Ennies Lobby, and she even says that Luffy will be King of the pirates!! Something that his crew mates are known for saying in some occasions


[She is so pretty I mean loyal](

And you could think “well, this is not that much of a big deal! Some other people like Smoker or Shanks are usually seen reacting to whatever Luffy is doing”, and yeah, maybe, but I have arguments against that reasoning. 1. Smoker and Shanks are character for the future, characters that have a role to play, characters that are related to Luffy. However, Viv is, supposedly, a character from the past, someone that has already had her importance, so it doesn’t make sense we get her reactions… unless she is going to become important in the future. And 2. It’s not just that we see her reacting to some things, it’s that we see her react to things that are related to the straw hats, some things tied directly with them, and not what they did. The best example comes in chapter 593, where she reads the newspaper after the Summit war and… sees the 3D2Y message.


Let me say that again… SHE REACTED TO THE 3D2Y MESSAGE. That something ONLY the straw hats did, or at least the only ones that did in a meaningful way. I think that’s a very important tie considering she wasn’t involved in the war at all, yet she still had her scenes reacting to the news. I mean, that’s suspicious.

But this is not a one way thing. It’s not just that she reacts what happens to them, but the straw hats are also seen reacting to Vivi, saying a lot of time has passed since they saw her. Chapter 910. Vivi appears in the newspaper because of the Reverie (we will get to that in a minute) and all the straw hats that know her react to that.


So, before going into the present time, let’s look at some data.

* Vivi is one of the characters with the most panel time even years after her important arc (assuming that one video is correct)
* She is one of the few characters that has already sailed with the straw hats and unlike others (Caesar, Carrot) she has been WITH the crew in 3 relatively major arcs: Little Garden, Drum and Alabasta. Yes Kin’emon, Momo and Law have a similar quantity of arcs but their cases are not the same since Kin’emon and Momo are not pirates, they are tied to Wano and have no desire to go. Yes, that’s the same that happened with Vivi but the thing is that happened in the past (when Arabasta wasn’t in shambles) while Wano is now stable in the present. Also, Vivi became a pirate so she could be infiltrated in Baroque works, so when she joined the straw hats she was already kind of a pirate, while Kin’emon and Momo never were. Plus, the amount of time should be similar since the arcs being longer doesn‘t mean the arcs last longer in time (Dressrossa happened in 1 day). And even then, Kin’emon and Momo weren’t at all times with the crew, since Luffy and others went to whole cake island, while Vivi stayed with them the entire time. Law has an even bigger argument since he is already captain of his crew. He doesn’t have any interest in joining Luffy, he has his crew and his own ambitions.
* She has been consistently show to be reacting at the news of the straw hats and even seeing things that are almost exclusive to the group.
* She already has a backstory and established relationships with the crew. Luffy literally said they would still be straw hats whenever they meet again

Now, with all this in mind, let’s talk about a topic we know a lot about!! (I like sarcasm)

# What happened in the Reverie?

It was already weird enough that Vivi was shown a lot in the Reverie chapters, but things don’t end here. A lot of you know about the revelation that the Nefertari were Celestial dragons that refused to live in Mariejois and that weird Imu person that had a picture of her for some reason, so I won’t get you bored with that. So, just a quick summary of what we knew before chapter 1054

* Imu, something that is implied to be higher than the Gorosei in the hierarchy of the World government, had a portrait of her
* The Gorosei consider the Nefertari traitors for the fact mentioned above
* Nefertari Cobra asked for a meeting with the Gorosei.
* After the Reverie, it was revealed that an accident happened, something concerning the kingdom of Arabasta.
* Wapol called Morgan telling him he had important information to reveal

Yeah, this, combined with the screen time of Vivi in the reverie doesn’t seem suspicious at all!! But then, let’s just look at chapter 1054…



Ok so a lot of information here so I’ll try to be brief. Cobra is dead, and deaths in One Piece are a BIG DEAL. Pedro’s death was more than 100 chapters ago and Luffy still mentioned him in one of the final chapters of his fight against Kaido. So, seeing how much Vivi loved her father, what do you think this means? This means that Vivi is gonna have some importance to deal with this fact and possibly have character development.

Not only this, but the one framed from the murder is Sabo. It’s pretty obvious that the government framed him but isn’t it a coincidence that the person that was involved in this thing is the only person in the Reverie that has THE GODDAMN VIVRE CARD OF LUFFY? WHAT A COINCIDENCE EH? Not only that, but Vivi is gone missing, so she is not going to return to Arabasta to mourn him anytime soon. Either she is captured by Imu or anywhere else, this news will definitely not leave Luffy and the rest indifferent. Also, isn’t it a little bit suspicious that the panel above Vivi is talking about the revolutionaries and Kuma? The same person that has the power to send people flying for long distances??? Basically, all of this means that Vivi is one of the most relevant people right now, and the fact that she has a relationship with the straw hats and a reunion they have yet to have is very meaningful. Also, the fact that Wapol has most likely told Morgan about their relationship could help the events.

Before making a conclusion, I will address I’m expecting.

* Isn’t she to weak? Dude… people can get stronger, she had 2 years to train and maybe she did so she could protect her country better. And even if she didn’t, she can get stronger after the reunion. We have seen Luffy, Law, Zoro, Sanji and a lot more characters get stronger in a short amount of time, so Vivi can do it too
* But the 10 people thing. I have already addressed that. The thing is, maybe if we count both her and Karoo, the final number of straw hats is 13. It’s not my theory, but a lot of people had already guessed that would be the final number, and a lot of people smarter than me could defend that
* Blackbeard. Yes, she wouldn’t have an opponent since with Yamato we already have 11 people (though we still need to know the 10th titanic captain). Anyway maybe she doesn’t fight there, or she fights someone less important (like the two girls and the guy that wee with BB in the Wano interlude) while the rest deal with the commanders. Also, Karoo vs Stronger (Doc Q’s horse) is a fantastic matchup
* The role. I don’t think it is as good as an argument as people think it is. Luffy doesn’t care about that and Usopp’s ato in Water 7 was about not needing to be useful (even if he was) because his friends still loved him for who he is). But given that it was said a lot with Yamato… maybe she can be the organize of resources. Think about it, she is a future Queen and the straw hats have a fleet now, they need someone to organize the fleet and the other resources like food, money or tools for ship maintenance.

In conclusion, Vivi HAS to join. Not only it has been heavily teased but she is already a straw hat in Luffy’s eyes (and just look at the banner of the sub!! It’s clear she is at least very relevant to them) so it would feel unfair and disappointing (in m opinion) if they just went to Laugh Tale without her. She is very involved in the current events of the world and her father‘s death can bring her both character development and a reason to go against the WG, something we already thought Luffy would do. The crew is not complete with Yamato because the crew won’t be complete until VIVI returns.

17 thoughts on “We don’t have the full crew yet

  1. “Luffy I thought you said you needed only 10 more people!”

    “I didn’t think we will get a ship this big! More the merrier!”


  2. I think people put a bit too much stock in the 10 people thing. IIRC the original japanese is more of a “around 10 people.” and Luffy also just kind of says and does whatever he wants whenever he wants.


  3. Karoo was considered a pet of Vivis and not a Straw Hat, just how now we have Zeus as Namis ‘pet’. Therefore, they wouldn’t make up the 12th and 13th member of the Straw Hats respectively.

    What is also interesting that the ‘Vivre Card Databook – Vol. 4’ mentions “She occupies position 0013 in the cards, as being a former crew member she’s
    placed at the end. This means there are two more spots for Straw hats on 0011
    and 0012”.

    I believe that 0011 is most likely to be taken by Yamato and maybe 0012 is someone else along the way after Wano so 0013 can be Vivi.

    Also, as a side note, Barto’s ship has all the bounties of the Straw Hats and having 13 members would fit perfectly on his wall. Luffy on the top and the other 12 members beneath it. In a 6 columns 2 rows format.

    Here’s the link to the Vivre Card Databook: https://thelibraryofohara.com/2018/12/03/vivre-card-databook-vol-4-all-the-new-information/


  4. I mentioned this before but Vivi name is literally Roman numerals that add up to 12

    Also Yamoto wanting to be oden (who was royalty that reached Laughtale with original Pirate King

    The only Character that Actaul parallel Oden is Vivi as she’s royalty since birth.

    (Momo doesn’t fit as his technically travelled with both Pirate Kings before reaching Laughtale.)


  5. This is so long, how did you write it and also in the end luffys crew will figjh black beard crew but there will be someone who will fight 2 commanders if someone wont join


  6. Sorry but she’s a bit too useless to join. Besides Oda confirmed he wanted Usopp to stay the weakest member of the crew and a dobt vivi could or should surpass him


  7. The REAL Strawhat Crew is all the friends Ace made before Doughnut time.
    -Masked Deuce.


  8. Sorry but vivi literally sucks soooo hard I really hope she does not become a member, she borderline ruined alabaster for me with her worthlessness and constant yelling, no disrespect to the theory


  9. I honestly don’t think Vivi will re-join. After her dad’s passing, wouldn’t she be the next ruler? I don’t think she would leave Alabasta just like that.


  10. I believe there is no way Vivi leaves the people of Alabasta. Especially now that Cobra is presumed dead. Having said that, I do believe that she will play a much greater role as one of the Original Kingdoms to secede from the World Government (having found out that they were the ones that killed her father). She could be the driving force for the war between the revolutionaries and the world government.


  11. No, Vivi is for sure going to be very relevant for the final arc, but she will not be a straw hat anymore. Reason is very simple: all crew are either strong or got at least some sort of power up during timeskip of follow up adventures to not be complete pushover.

    Vivi as always been weak to start with and spent all this time basically ruling Alabasta, it make no sense to make her a crew member, her role is to keep ruling Alabasta (one she is safe, of course), not going on an adventure with Luffy, that was long settled at the end of Alabasta arc itself.


  12. I think vivi will have another role, not as a shp’s crew but as negotiator between pirate and new world government (maybe revolutionist army will replace current world government). Yes luffy will be a king pirate and king pirate is the most free person. Unfortunately, when people live in groups and society you still good government that regulates law. Vivi is like his father, who like the people in alabasta the most. Vivi is the only one the successor of alabasta and now her father is killed. So i dont think she will let go responsibility as the leader of alabasta


  13. I believe in the blood type theory where every post timeskip member shares Luffy’s blood type F. Jimbei has it, Yamato and Carrot have it, and the 2 who are guaranteed a spot in the future, Vivi and >!Tama!<, have it. Also, Karoo would be more of a Zeus; just a companion to one of the members.


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