Unknown gender, ‘waifu’ Bridget game Guilty Gear made Japanese and Western fans hotly debated!

Recently, the character Bridget was added to the game Guilty Gear: Strive. Almost immediately, the gender of “waifu” Bridget became a hot topic for Japanese and Western fans to confront each other! Who was right and who was wrong? Is Bridget a boy or a girl? Let’s find out the truth in this article.

What is Guilty Gear?

Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear is a series of fighting games made by Arc System Works. The game released the first part in 1998 and quickly became popular with new versions being released regularly.

Guilty Gear has Japanese anime-style graphics with a cast of characters with unique fighting styles and looks. The humor and excitement in each match is also a big plus that makes the game, even with few characters added, still attracts gamers for more than 20 years.

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Who is Bridget?

Bridget guilty gear

Bridget is a playable character from the Guilty Gear series. This character has appeared in many parts of the famous Guilty Gear game. Recently, Bridget has been added to the roster of Guilty Gear -Strive-, the latest game in the series.

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Is Bridget male or female?

guilty gear strive

Before going into the details of the article, let’s learn a little bit about the gender of this character. Looking at Bridget’s feminine appearance, many people will think this is female. However, Bridget’s real gender is male.

In the plot, Bridget is the son of an aristocratic family in England. Since the locality the character lives in considers same-sex twins a bad omen, Bridget’s parents decide to raise him as a woman. After years of witnessing what her parents had to endure, Bridget decided to leave her birthplace and become a bounty hunter with the goal of disproving superstitions about same-sex twins.

So according to this plot, Bridget is male. So why is there controversy? The story is like this.

Japanese and Western fans argue over Bridget Guilty Gear’s gender


To “respect” Bridget’s difference, Japan called him an otokonoko – a word for men who dress like women. Personal pronouns for this character are also masculine.

However, when coming to the West, Bridget’s gender has changed a bit. Instead of referring to the character with otokonoko-like words such as “transvestite” or “rag”, English translations have decided to refer to Bridget as a “transgender woman” and use female pronouns to describe the character. Call this character.

According to some analysis, the reason Bridget changed from male to transgender woman is because in a dialogue in Arcade Mode, Bridget talked to Goldlewis. When she saw that Goldlewis didn’t know whether to call herself “boy” or “girl”, Bridget replied:

The cowboy girl is fine! Because I’m female.

Although this argument seems convincing, it is met with a lot of criticism from those who know the original Japanese. Set in the game context, Bridget’s words in the ending above are just one of the endings that affirm that Bridget is willing to dress up as a woman to protect her family.

Up to now, the controversy between Japanese fans and the West about the Bridget game Guilty Gear’s gender has not ended. How do you think? Before this article, did you know Bridget is a boy? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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