TOP 10 yuri anime – the best series of all time (Part 1)


Yuri or lily is a female-female love anime genre. With super romantic love scenes and engaging storylines, here are the TOP 10 great yuri anime you shouldn’t miss!

Yuri, Shoujo Ai or lily are words used to describe the emotional relationship between two girls. Yuri has appeared for a long time in many popular Japanese anime. Here, Lag will introduce you to the TOP 10 best yuri anime!

1. Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil is the original anime made by A-1 Pictures. This story is about Chisato and Takina, two girls who work at LycoReco cafe. However, that is just a cover. In fact, the two of them are famous assassins specializing in dangerous missions!

Sounds a bit dark, doesn’t it? Actually, Lycoris Recoil is funny and bright (probably). The film’s novel way of character building and setting brings a strong appeal. The characters are also well-invested, have attractive personalities, and look extremely cute. Currently, Lycoris Recoil is considered the best anime of the summer 2022 anime.

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2. Citrus


Made by Passione, Citrus is an anime title that introduces us to the love story of Yuzu and Mei. After being forced to transfer schools because of her mother’s remarriage, Yuzu becomes out of place due to her “rebellious” style compared to the rest. However, Yuzu caught the eye of the student council president Mei. From here, their love story begins…

Forgot to say. Actually Mei is Yuzu’s new step-sister!

3. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

No drama like Citrus, Yagate Kimi Ni Naru or Bloom Into You is a love story filled with dog rice of Yuu and Touko. Yuu is a schoolgirl looking for a rosy love affair, but she can’t feel the slightest bit of “happiness” around men – even when her childhood friend confesses her love. . When given the opportunity to approach Touko, Yuu realizes a genuine and intense emotion that has been buried for so long…

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4. Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp

Strictly speaking, Yuru Camp isn’t exactly a yuri anime. This story simply follows a group of schoolgirls who love camping and their relaxing nature walks. So why bring this anime here? Calm down. In Lag’s opinion, even though it doesn’t really have a yuri element, the all-female cast of characters with their unexpected harmonious interactions can bring an experience no different from yuri anime.

With light-hearted content, no drama, no plot-twitst, Yuru Camp gives viewers a trip in the mind to relieve all the stress in daily life. Whenever I’m tired, this writer watches Yuru Camp to get more positive energy for himself. If you can, try watching the anime or reading the Yuru Camp manga to get the same thing.

5. Asagao To Kasa-san

Asagao To Kasa-san

In this list, Asagao To Kasa-san is probably the most unfamiliar name to many people, right? That’s right, because this anime is actually a 58-minute episode. In this short time, we will be following the pure and touching love story of the “twisted chopsticks” Tomoka and Yui. Different in so many ways, both girls can still connect with each other in their own way so that they have no choice but to let their emotions guide them.

(To be continued…)

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