TOP 10 good anime rated higher than the original manga (Part 2)


Following on from the first part, here are the rest of the TOP 10 good anime that are rated higher than the original manga because the quality is so excellent! After the Kimetsu No Yaiba, Jujutsu Kaisen, which name will appear? Let’s see!

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In the previous section, Lag introduced you to 5 out of 10 anime with higher scores than the original manga, including Kimetsu No Yaiba, Jujutsu Kaisen, Gintama and a few others.

In this part 2, we will come to the rest of the TOP 10 anime that are rated higher than the original manga! Let’s see what works will appear!

Note: The following scores and comparisons are taken from MyAnimeList.

6. Bleach


Manga: 7.78.

Anime. 7.87.

Ichigo is an ordinary male student. One day, he meets Rukia, who calls himself the God of Death. Due to her severe injuries, Rukia is unable to fight the creature known as the Hollow that is approaching the Ichigo family. With no other choice, Ichigo takes power from Rukia and becomes the new Shinigami.

Bleach is an excellent manga, that’s undisputed. However, due to the manga’s progress towards the end, there were many problems, leading to the story receiving a lot of negative feedback from the audience and had to stop at 7.78. Anime is better received so the score is better. At the end of 2022, the Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War anime adaptation of the manga’s final arc will air. In terms of quality, this animation is quite top-notch. To see what the final score the anime will receive will be.

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7. Spy X Family

Spy X Family

Manga: 8.67.

Anime: 8.8.

Spy X Family is set in a fantasy country that simulates the East German – West German era. Here, super spy Twilight received the task to get married in order to approach “villain” Donovan Desmond. To perform well this time, Twilight took on the new title of Loid Forger. He adopted Anya – a girl who has the ability to read people’s minds – and married Yor – who was a notorious assassin. No one in this family knows each other’s secrets, except Anya! Together, the Forger family will protect world peace!

Produced by two leading studios, CloverWorks and Wit Studio, the Spy X Family anime has impeccable quality. There was a time when anime had a score above 9! Soon, Part 2 will air. Further, Spy X Family season 2 will also be made. With the attraction of Spy X Family, Lag is sure to achieve even more success than now!

8. Black Clover

Black Clover

Manga: 7.85.

Anime: 8.12.

Starting to air in 2017 with the “hands-on” from studio Pierrot, Black Clover can be considered as one of the best quality continuous-running anime series in recent years. In Black Clover, we will follow Asta, a young man without magic in the magical world. With the determination to become the Sorcerer King, Asta “fortunately” pulled out a grimoire with the symbol of a five-leaf clover with anti-magic power! Asta’s journey to know dreams come true begins here.

After chasing the original manga too closely, the Black Clover anime had to be suspended at the end of March 2021. Even so, the anime still has quite impressive scores. In 2023, Black Clover Movie will premiere in the Japanese market. After the movie is released, it is highly likely that we will be provided with information about the next anime part.

9. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

Manga: 8.7.

Anime (2011): 9.04.

Hunter X Hunter is one of the most popular manga of the Japanese manga industry with the number of copies sold that everyone dreams of. The fan base of this work in the world is also very large, active regularly even though the story has to be suspended quite a lot because of the health of author Yoshihiro Togashi. For that reason, Madhouse studio has made a completely new anime version with more upgrades than the 2001 version. With the careful investment of Madhouse, the 2011 Hunter X Hunter anime with a towering score is no wonder.

Manga Hunter X Hunter is about to return. I don’t know if Madhouse intends to continue the anime season 2?

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10. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

Manga: 8.52

The last name on this list will be Fruits Basket – Fruits Basket, also known as Breaking the Curse. The first anime adaptation released in 2001 was not too bad, but the score it received was not very good. By 2019, the Fruits Basket anime remade by TMS Entertainment had better results. The movies all have scores above 8 with the latter being rated higher than the former. Anime Fruits Basket: The Final even reached the 9.03 mark, thereby making its name on the list of TOP 10 anime with the highest rating on MyAnimeList.

Above are the TOP 10 anime that are rated higher than the original manga. What’s your favorite name? Leave a comment to chat with!

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