There is a trend of covering the mouth with tape to prevent snoring – A dangerous action for the person who performs it

The trend of applying adhesive tape to the mouth before sleeping is becoming more popular than ever and this can make the health of the practitioner suffer a lot.

In recent days, social network TikTok has suddenly appeared a trend that is sticking tape in the mouth to help sleep well and limit snoring. Many Tiktokers have stated on their videos that applying duct tape to their mouths can help them have a better sleep, prevent dry throat as well as avoid sleep apnea.

The method is also extremely simple when you just need to use a piece of tape just big enough to seal your mouth before sleeping. However, many experts warn that this is an action that can be harmful to health that people should not arbitrarily follow.

This used to be an age-old technique.

According to the sharing from Dr. Vu Dai Duong (working in Ho Chi Minh City), while we sleep, the air will move through the nose or mouth, enter the pharynx and move down the larynx and trachea. , to the lungs. At the moment we are awake, the muscles contract and open the airway, and when we sleep, the muscles relax, causing the airway to narrow.

Also because of this, when air passes through a narrow airway causing the organ tissues to vibrate, snoring is produced.

“The technique of sealing the mouth while sleeping is essentially a technique called Buteyko of a Soviet doctor, invented in 1950”.

Appears a trend of covering the mouth with tape to prevent snoring - Dangerous action for the person who performs it 2

The principle of this technique is very simple, that is when there is a problem with the airway in the nose, your body will breathe through the mouth. However, when you close your mouth, the nose will have to adapt itself to open the airway, from which you will have a regular breath again.

The Downsides of Practicing the Buteyko Technique

Although the principle of implementation is somewhat impressive, this technique also has many downsides, because if you put duct tape on your mouth while you sleep, you may experience a number of conditions such as choking, choking, nausea and vomiting. vomiting, even sleep apnea.

The reason for this is that when you put a bandage on your mouth, the body will not absorb enough oxygen and has not adapted in time. Not to mention, if you stick with adhesive tape from day to day, it will cause the mucosa of the lips to be affected.

Dr. Kathleen Yaremchuk (ear, nose and throat surgeon and sleep specialist in Detroit) also had some to share with the press that: “I understand why you should breathe through your nose, but most people don’t open their mouth unless they have trouble breathing through their nose.”

A person with sleep apnea cannot stop the condition by simply “closing their mouth”. Devices that allow users to avoid sleep apnea often have a principle that it will help your jaw move forward every time you put them on. The purpose of this is to open the airway for the user.

“There is no convincing evidence in the medical literature that we should use the Buteyko technique to treat sleep apnea.” Professor Nirmal Kumar (an ENT doctor and chairman of the British medical organization ENT UK) also voiced his agreement on this.

Appears the trend of covering the mouth with tape to prevent snoring - Dangerous action for the person performing 3

He also did not forget to add that doing any breathing exercise to improve asthma and breathing is essential, but you should only do it when it is part of the advice and treatment. doctor’s standards that should not be applied arbitrarily.

Professor Nirmal Kumar said: “If you are sick and have to vomit, using a mouth patch while sleeping will make you more uncomfortable. In worse cases, you can choke which is very dangerous. Especially for young children, even practitioners. Buteyko also banned this group of people.”.


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