The saddest post about the person with Stage 4 cancer today makes me want to do something. Could anyone help?


I’ve been thinking a long time about this. We can all see the end is near, whether that’s 5 to 7 years of One Piece, but for some we’ve been following it for 20 already.

I’m sure people have had their friends pass before they could finish it. I’m sure people have been diagnosed with things that make them feel like they’ll never be able to read the end of One Piece, just like that post from yesterday. It’s fucking sad.

And I know it might be ridiculous to someone outside this community, but finishing this story matters to us. And the nakama that don’t get to make it to the end, I feel like we should enshrine them on some kind of site.

I’m not good at making websites, but is there anyone who would be down? Some place we can put their names in the spirit of continuing on their legacy.

I think it would be something honorable for the community.

I know I can’t do it, but maybe we could get a team together who could.

In the wise words of Dr Hiriluk

“When does a man die? When he is hit by a bullet? No! When he suffers a disease? No! When he ate a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? No! A man dies when he is forgotten!”

Let’s not let our crew mates that have been on this journey with us for so long be forgotten.

**Edit 1:** Waking up to the response by the community, amazing. Someone already setup a discord for ideas and execution. If you would like to join, here is the [link](

**Edit 2:** I’m glad along with support there has also been critique. No ideas should be immune to it. People are concerned about putting fake deaths, or fake diagnoses, or people just trolling in general. Others have concern with how much work it would take.

There will always be people that try to mess up the system, but I believe the goodness it will bring will outweigh others. If there is fake stuff, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone, I think it should be fine. All in all, I trust the community.

As far as work, the main point of this post was to get the idea off the ground. It may or may not come to fruition, but the ball is rolling, and that is what matters. Right now we appreciate any and all help with brainstorms and ideas. Thanks!

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  1. I am an artist, if you manage to make the website, there should be some kind of background animation playing behind the names of dead. I am thinking of a subtle animation of the lanterns in the sky like the people of wano did for their dead ones. I am down to make that, and if anyone wants to help, please join me. If anyone likes my idea and wants to do it themselves, you are most welcome to do so.

  2. This idea is very kindhearted and nice. Sure, there will always be those that will abuse the idea and also the intention of it, but in my opinion it is best to focus on the idea behind this. People can gather to share their experience and arts to create something that will become a place where nakama who did not make it to the end are still remembered and made part of OPs end in a different way.

    Artist could create art, stories, gifs, video`s etc of the one thing we all share, the love for OP and add it all into One Piece of Rememberance for all the nakame left behind.

    I am not an artist and I am not someone who can make the website, but I hope that you will find the people and be able to create a crew that can create this site/page where people can gather and just share everything OP with those who had to board a different ship before the end.


    Best of luck and hopefully we will see this site made soon.

  3. Each of the people that couldn’t see the end of One Piece should be engraved on a poneglyph each. Forever encased in unbreakable rock, on the website of course.

    Love the idea, it would be nice to do it for everyone that couldn’t make it to the end.

  4. as **noble** as this idea sounds, and as **stinky** as im gonna sound: i think it really just work as an wholesome idea and nothing more

    i honestly can not imagine how anyone could monitor this thing and verify that these people actually died. this is like actual paper work if you want to have the names being legit and not full of bulshitters

    also people and therefore one piece fans unfortunately die everyday in the dozens

    if you really want this whole idea to become reality, **more** than just a wholesome thought, and most importantly, being legit, **it means work.**

    im talking about creating a website, maintaining a website, organizing, communicating with the people who know that their loved ones wanted to be on the site, verifying all of this when you want it to be legit,, honest and real (i can imagine people wanting to have their name on the site jsut for the sake of it/being aalong for the ride), making sure this works legaly with privacy reasons and all

    this demands all your attention, dedication and a team. this is more than running a subreddit or discord server. again, i admire it, but be prepared for work

  5. And we’ll call this site the Laugh Tale! 🏴‍☠️
    No, really we should. Or Raftel for shorter and easier spelling.

    Why do I suggest we name it after the last One Piece island?

    Becuse Raftel will probably be the culmination of our One Piece journey.
    Not necessarily the end of the story, but just the place where every thread/ every question will be answered!
    Where every secret will be revealed.
    And where every dream becomes a reality.

    And we’ll be sailing to Raftel/Laugh Tale in behalf of all the nakamas who didnt make it.
    We will carry their Will.

    And in Raftel(website) we enshrine their memories.
    To become part of the One Piece treasure,
    Leaving it behind for the next generation of Pirates who will sail the seas to reach our final island,
    and find and claim The One Piece for themselves!

    Anyways, that’s my 2 beris.

    P.S. Also I’m a programmer, so I’ll be happy to help however I can 😀

  6. That’s a wonderful idea, ThisIsYourFriendAron.

    I had an idea, what if people from the community livestream themselves reading the week’s chapter or maybe watching an episode of the anime. I think I will make a site or somethig, I wouldn’t host any videos or anything. It would just be a digital memorial of sorts.

    Also I remember back when the Russia war on Ukraine started there was a guy who also posted something, does anyone remember? I’ll look into it.

  7. That’s the thing that kind of irks me when people say their sad one piece is coming to end. In my opinion the sooner it ends the more everyone who might not live another 5 to 7 years can see the ending.

  8. Honestly, instead of making this for the people who died before the story is over, how about just make it for the entire one piece fan base (people will dir eventually some day anyway) so that you don’t have to go through verifying death certificates from the trolls… even if people who decides to troll, then it’ll be no harm done, we’ll call it laugh tale because it’s for shits and giggles

  9. My idea would be creating avatars/drawings for our fallen brothers and sisters. Give them nicknames rather than actual names and on the site that hosts them we could run fan covers of Binks no sake and We Are otherwise Shueisha will try taking it down.

  10. Pretty grossed out by the “dont believe everything you read on the internet comments” considering its 100% true that a lot of people havent been able to make it this far, or wont make it to the end.

    Regardless of if that post was real, its happening or has happened to a lot of One Piece fans. This isnt about making a tribute to that one guy, its a tribute to all those who havent made it this far and/or might not make it much further.

    We also have no reason to make baseless assumptions about someones honesty on the internet, but this is the trashy cesspool of the internet known as reddit, people wanna think theyre cool here or whatever it is that makes them think in such an awful way.

  11. I don’t have any experience in web design or programming, but I work in cancer treatment and I have a big heart for people in the OP community, so I’d love to be part of this idea. Count me to do anything 😅

  12. I feel so happy to see people working together for one noble task. But at the same time I feel inferior about myself that I cannot help y’all in any way as I have no skill about this. I can only wish you all the best

  13. A website with all the names of the ones who have passed with binks sake melody in the background. But when you click on a name the full song starts to play. Would bring a tear to my eye.


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