The female streamer who did sex on the livestream suddenly returned after the Twitch ban

“See you tonight” is what this girl said in her comeback announcement.

The community of viewers of streaming shows still can’t forget the shock last month when a female streamer on the Twitch platform named Kimmikka_ was banned from broadcasting on the platform for having sexual intercourse during the broadcast. direct.
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Banning her from live streaming for only 7 days created quite a bit of controversy about Twitch’s inconsistent policies, especially after popular streamer JiDion started alleging that Amazon’s platform was a scam. “racism”.

Kimmikka posted a status line on her Twitter with the content that she will start livestreaming from tonight. She wrote that “see you tonight on my Twitch channel”. The news did not go well with many fans of the livestreams and expressed outrage at the platform’s administrators.

The streamer who hummed on the livestream has come back 2

Besides, JiDion also spoke out about this injustice. It all started with the black streamer being permanently kicked off the platform in January of this year when he launched an attack on Pokimane and took a stick from Twitch for the reason of causing trouble and received a penalty for the time being. eternal time. After learning that Kimmikka was only banned for 7 days, he made a video titled “Sexism and loveism” to explain his story and accuse Twitch of discriminating against him. between male/female and white/colored streamers.

The streamer who hummed on the livestream has come back 3

Although Kimmikka is only a relatively small streamer, with JiDion sharing her story, she will surely receive more attention from the community. Many people have spoken out against the confusing and roundabout policies of streaming platforms for quite some time. Recently, CoryxKenshin accused YouTube of “racism and bias” in a video that was endorsed by numerous other creators like Markiplier and JackSosystemEye. Despite the outcry from the public, it seems that both Twitch and YouTube have nothing to say about the activities and decrees they put in place in this case.
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