The beautiful female PUBG Mobile streamer must speak up because she is rumored to be Dat Villa’s girlfriend


The beautiful streamer was shocked because she was rumored to be the girlfriend of male Youtuber Dat Villa

Chuppi often mentioned as one of the extremely popular female streamers in the PUBG Mobile community and currently she is working under the management of the organization. V Gaming. With a beautiful, hot appearance as well as a talent in PUBG Mobile, Chuppi has quickly affirmed his position in the Vietnamese gaming village, which is extremely loved by the gaming community.

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pubg mobile female streamer is rumored to be a villainess girlfriend

However, in recent days, she Chuppi suddenly got caught in a rumor falling from the sky, making this beautiful female streamer shocked. More specifically, the series of videos above Tiktok suddenly appeared and posted pictures, along with information that she was acquainted with one of the famous Tiktokers / Youtubers, which is Dat Villa.

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pubg mobile female streamer is rumored to be a villainess girlfriend

When this information broke out, the online community was surprised, as well as asked a lot of questions for this Chuppi girl. Even this rumor spread so quickly that this streamer had to clarify in a personal Facebook post that:

“I would like to clarify that I am still single. Don’t let anyone say that you’re the one who loves Dat Villa anymore, I’m so poor. I slept one night and suddenly woke up with my face full on the top. Huhuhu”

pubg mobile female streamer is rumored to be a villainess girlfriend

Dat Villa is an extremely famous Youtuber/Tiktoker at the moment who owns a huge number of followers. However, his number of followers is also proportional to the number of anti-fans, as in the past few months, he himself has encountered quite a lot of controversy about his life as well as his private life story. me.

Perhaps because of too many scandals, the rumor that Chuppi has a relationship with Dat Villa can cause negative effects on female streamers. Therefore, Chuppi’s quick response is completely understandable.



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