One Piece 1073 spoiler preview: Stussy VS Lucy Bonnie learns the truth about the world government

Spoiler One Piece 1073 Chapter 1072 Introduction: Bonnie learned a lot of secret information about the world government through the memory of the ball mill. In another development, the clone Stussy goes up against Lucci “The Leopard”!

One Piece 1072 Summary

In One Piece 1072, Kaku awakened the Devil Fruit to fight Sauron, but not much. The good news is that Bonney “caught” Vegapunk by turning him into a child. She found a room with a bear mark, so she went in and found a giant ball of energy made from ball-milled devil fruits.

Outside the lab, the Seraphs are preparing to attack. Stussy has now revealed the true identity of former Rocks member Miss Buckingham Stussy. She intends to use her vampire powers to render Kaku and Luki unconscious.

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Spoiler One Piece 1072: Zoro Defeats Kaku – Begapunk Reveals The Bear Truth – Turns Out Stussy Is…

One Piece 1073 spoiler forecast

One piece 1073

First, let’s take a look at some noteworthy details in Chapter 1072 of Pirate Island. The first is about the energy particles left behind by Kuma. If that was really his memory, Bonnie’s touch would tell her a lot. Lag speculates that Bonney might reveal it to the Straw Hats. Among the information she learns, it may include the reason why Kumar climbed the red line-maybe it will reveal some information about Lord Ren.

Seraphim is preparing to attack the lab, and Vegapunk is not there. In the previous chapters, we learned that CP0 has the authority to issue commands to Seraphim. Now that Stussy had beaten Lucci, it was all too easy – and Vegapunk thought it was a good escape. Stussy doesn’t seem to be “scared” of Lucci at all, so the next chapter might see the leopard fighting the bat.

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Thinking of this, Vegapunk called for help. Most likely it was the one he called Stussy himself.

CP0 is becoming more and more helpless in the face of the situation at hand. If it continues like this, it is estimated that the yellow ape will intervene soon. After another 1-2 chapters, the yellow ape will appear, which makes it difficult for the Straw Hats. According to Lag, Vegapunk will use one of his inventions to help the crew escape – which could be similar to the virtual reality technology we saw a few chapters ago.

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One piece of spoiler 1073

One Piece 1073 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for January 25, 2023.

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One Piece release time 1073

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