All Most Popular Shonen Jump Manga Ranked in 2022

One Piece, Jujitsu, Black Clover, My Hero Academia… What is the hottest juvenile JUMP manga in 2022? Let’s find out with Lag in the detailed ranking below.

Weekly Shonen Jump (WSJ) is Japan’s most famous manga magazine published by Shueisha. This is the “spaceship” that brings super products such as Hokage, Bleach, One Piece, and Dragon Ball to the audience.

In each issue, WSJ will include 15-20 different titles. This was a fairly small number compared to the number of manga the magazine was expected to publish, so Shueisha created a system called the catalog. Viewers of The Wall Street Journal will be entitled to vote for a limited number of their favorite works. The stories with the most votes this week will be published on the front page of the magazine next week, ensuring continuous circulation and not being killed in seconds.

Summing up the entire WSJ’s weekly rankings, we have a ranking of all the most popular Shonen Jump manga in 2022. Enough with that, let’s see which manga got the most likes last year. pass.

1. one piece

Average rank: 2.03.

2. Jiu-Jitsu battle

Average rank: 3.08.

Jiu-jitsu battle

3. My Hero Academia

Average rank: 4.18.

my hero academia

4. The Days of Sakamoto

Average rank: 4.56.

Sakamoto day

5. Dr. Stone

Average rank: 6.5.

Dr. Stone

6. Blue Box

Average rank: 6.94.

blue box

7. Flower Sissy

Average rank: 6.95.

Flower Sissy

8. Witch Watch

Average rank: 8.85.

witch watch

9. Ginka to Gluna

Average rank: 9.

Ginka to Gluna

10. Big Tokyo Ghost Story

Average rank: 9.77.

Great Tokyo Ghost Story

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11.Boku To Roboco

Average rank: 9.79.

12. Nige Jouzu No Waka-kimi

Average rank: 10.15.

13. Black Clover

Average rank: 11.17.

14. Yozakura-san Chi No Dai Saksen

Average rank: 11.79.

15. Hunter X Hunter

Average rank: 12.5.

16. Mashup

Average rank: 12.7.

17. Xiangxing Qinghe Family

Average rank: 13.02.

18. Sugoi Smartphone

Average rank: 13.48.


Average rank: 14.1.

20. Chikyuu No Ko

Average rank: 14.11.

21. Alien Zone

Average rank: 14.15.

22. Bad luck for the undead

Average rank: 14.4.

23. Hakai-shin Magu-chan

Average rank: 18.75.

24. Ayako Gate

Average rank: 15.8.

25. Ayaka Triangle

Average rank: 15.94.

26. Mom!repair pill

Average rank: 16.67.

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One Piece is still in good shape and continues to occupy the top spot this year. After the OP is Jujutsu Kaisen. It seems that the war resurrection spell is going to become the second Demon Slayer: Blade, right?

It’s no surprise that My Hero Academia and Dr. Stone rank quite well. Sakamoto Days, the ultimate action manga title, but few Vietnamese fans did well. Three other critically acclaimed new titles, Blue Box, Akane Banashi, and Witch Watch also show potential to become mainstays in the future. Meanwhile, despite being very popular in Vietnam, Black Clover can only rise to the TOP 13 at the moment, surpassing veteran Hunter X Hunter and some of its juniors such as Yozakura-san, Mashle or Undead Unluck.

Near the bottom of the rankings, we can see a lot of new comics that have died over the past year. The names initially created expectations, but then “stumbled” and lost the ability to continue playing.

In 2022, the list of the most popular comics of all Shonen Jump, which works have you read? Is there any tall name that you have not experienced or seen, and that you would strongly recommend to everyone? Please leave a comment so we can chat.

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