Strange that this guy is addicted to airplane meals and has lived on planes for 15 years

A man has flown thousands of times in 15 years to satisfy his love for food on planes.

Generally, in-flight meals are not popular with many people, as they tend to keep passengers from getting hungry on long flights. Of course, the quality of the meal on the flight will still be hygienic and delicious, but it is often difficult to match the meal in a restaurant or restaurant.

However, there is one person who is passionate about food on board and has spent a long time living and enjoying food on luxury flights.

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This person’s name is James Asquith, 33 years old, currently living in London. He is known to have been traveling for the past 15 years and is constantly posting his favorite meals on flights.He was able to satisfy his passion because he was the owner of a travel company named holiday swapspecialized in providing short-term accommodation rental services and property exchange.

food-addicted guy on plane

Doing business in line with personal interests, saving thousands of lodging fees, James Asquith The author explains:

“I especially like the food on the plane, and I live almost entirely on the plane. It can be said that the Japanese meals and wagyu steaks of Japanese airlines such as ANA, JAL, etc. are the best. Not only that, I have also eaten a few meals that are a little strange. , usually a Sudanese airline dish with just a leaf and a little sauce.

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I have no preference for using a private jet as I just love the busyness of the passengers on my flight and avoid releasing too much carbon monkeys into the environment. “

food-addicted guy on plane

The owner of Holiday Swap also said his flights were not sponsored in any way. James also shared: “On my first flight when I was 18-24, my luggage was just a backpack. But now with Holiday Swap, everything has changed completely. I’m very proud of myself. I don’t need to accept any sponsored flight is The reward for my hard work since I was 12.”

The British businessman insists he will continue his travels in the future and bring his experience to more people.