Live-action Tokyo Avengers Announced 2 New Movies for 2023!

While the original manga has come to an end, fans still have the chance to meet Budo, Mickey, Draken and the Tommen crew in two live-action Tokyo Avengers releases in 2023! Movie details are below!

About Tokyo Revergers

“Tokyo Avengers” is a campus gangster time-travel manga written by Ken Wakui. The story began to be published in March 2017 and officially ended on November 16, 2022, with a total of 278 episodes.

In 2021, Tokyo Avengers was adapted into anime by LIDENFILMS. The film subsequently received positive reviews from countless audiences and quickly gained worldwide fame. Also in 2021, the live-action manga adaptation is also a smash at the top of the box office, bringing the Tokyo Avengers name closer to a mass audience.

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Live-Action Tokyo Revergers Announces 2 New Movies

Tokyo Revergers live action

After the success of the first live-action film, the live-action version of the second Tokyo Avengers was quickly produced. According to the latest news, the second part will include two films and will adapt the entire Halloween chapter.

The first part of the live-action Tokyo Avengers Part 2 will be called Chi No Halloween – Unmei (Bloody Halloween -Fate-). The film is scheduled to be released in Japanese cinemas around the Golden Week of 2023, that is, from the end of April to the beginning of May.

The second part, titled “Blood Halloween -Decisive Battle-“, is expected to premiere around July to October in summer 2023.

Season 1 cast will continue to appear in Tokyo Revergers live action part 2:

  • Takumi Kitamura plays Budo.
  • Ryo Yoshizawa plays Mickey.
  • Yuki Yamada as Draken.

Some additional new characters will be announced in the near future.

Tokyo Revergers part 2 live action premiere in Vietnam

Following the highest-grossing live-action film in Japan in 2021, the live-action film “Tokyo Avengers” has been premiering in Vietnamese cinemas for about four months. If Season 2 still holds up, there’s a good chance we’ll see two new live-action Tokyo Avengers segments around the end of 2023. Lag will add new information as soon as possible, so keep that in mind. We are always up to date with the latest news.

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