One Piece 1070 Spoiler Preview: Luffy VS Seraphim – Vegapunk is about to leave the island

One Piece 1070 spoiler preview Chapter 1069 Summary: Lu Qi, unable to fight back, “plays hooligans” and controls the seraph. In the next chapter, Luffy will fight those seraphs so he can drive Vegapunk off the island!

One Piece 1069 Summary

In order to fight Lu Qi, Luffy upgraded to 5th gear. Lu Qi also awakened the Devil Fruit to fight him. Due to the strength gap between the two, the battle was quite one-sided.

Not long after, Xiantuwan appeared with three seraphim. He ordered them to fight, then turned to Luffy and said, “Please take Vegapunk off the island”. Luffy was “high”, so he smiled and said he would agree. The good times didn’t last long, and Seno Maru was fatally hit by Lu Qi. Anger erupted. Luffy seems to be using 100% of his strength to stop the villain this time.

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One Piece 1070 Spoiler Prediction

One piece 1070

Chapter 1070 tells us a very important message, that is the control over the seraphs. Xiantongwan’s command level is quite high, second only to the five elders and Vegapunk. However, due to his serious injury, Seraph will now fight under Lucci’s orders. So this time, Luffy is going to fight the new weapon of the World Government.

While Luffy is fighting, Begapunk will quickly prepare his items and get ready to go to sea. The next chapter might give us more Vegapunk content before we get back to Luffy and Seraph’s battle.

New manga release schedule in Vietnam in December 2022

According to Vegapunk, devil fruits are the result of people’s “wants” in the past. This is just Vegapunk’s theory, but with the knowledge possessed by this genius, the truth of the devil fruit is probably similar. Perhaps in the past, the ancient kingdoms created devil fruits with their advanced technology?

According to the current development, the Straw Hats will probably leave the island after 3-5 chapters. Dashji and the kids are near Egghead, and they’ve emerged. According to Lag, perhaps Tashigi and the Marines will be involved in Vegapunk’s “escape”. Maybe after 1-2 chapters they will appear again.

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One piece of spoiler 1070

One Piece 1070 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, expected on December 14th.

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One Piece release time 1070

piece Chapter 1070 is scheduled to be released on December 19, 2022, Japan time.Spoiler information will lag Update this article now, save or bookmark this article now if you don’t want to miss out on all the latest information!

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