Law students “extra-curricular” plagiarism new tricks, so that teachers also stay away

The Spanish law school teacher encountered the students’ spoof tactics, and his “skills” made her admire.

Yolanda de Lucchi, a teacher at the University of Malaga in Spain, recently shared some very interesting photos on her Twitter account. During a law exam, Yolanda found a student stealing with 11 ballpoint pens. On the pen, she was stunned by the student’s engraving skills, he spent a lot of time and effort to reproduce, engraving clearly, and even the technique of engraving.

Yolanda shared on her Twitter account: “Criminal Procedure Regarding Ballpoint Pens. True Art!”with labels “Copy is different”. The photo has more than 280,000 likes on Twitter and tens of thousands of retweets.

At first, Ms Yolanda shared the post with just a few teachers, but who knew it quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and tens of thousands of shares.

"Plagiarize" law student

Interestingly, in a comment on Yolanda de Lucchi’s post, a man named Ganzo hinted that he knew the student who created the “work”:

“Hello, Miss Yolanda. I know the author of this wonderful work. In fact, he asked me to say it, but didn’t write his name, and he has several similar pens at home. He also “promoted” the creation The technique of these pieces, replacing the lead in the needle pencil with a needle, so he can easily engrave on the body of the ballpoint pen.”

Gonzo also stated that other students would arrange for pens during exams so that they could read and transcribe. However, he was unlucky when his teacher found him.

"Plagiarize" law student

The Art Copycat tactic gets a lot of credit for the patience of the gifted students who “sculpt” the pen, but many say it’s easier to learn.

New strategy for plagiarizing law students and making teachers respect them 4

However, Yolanda de Lucchi wholeheartedly praised her student’s talent, even though she also failed in that exam.