2022 Duong Hanh Phuc Hot Pot Restaurant (My Hot Pot Story) latest gift package code input synthesis instructions

Come and learn how to enter and receive all the rookie gift package codes in My Hot Pot Story (My Hot Pot Story), and prepare for today’s dream restaurant building journey.

How to enter Giftcode My Hot Pot Story

step 1: Log in to the game, click the speaker icon on the right

Step 2: Click on the “Redeem Code” section

Step 3: Enter the gift code in the blank box and click Confirm.Then receive the reward in the mailbox

The latest Giftcode in 2022 My Hotpot Story Duong Hanh Phuc Hot Pot Restaurant How to enter synthesis instructions 2

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Novice hot pot story synthesis gift package code

Full service package code

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  • hot pot

  • food

Happy Street My Hot Pot Story 2022 Latest Gift Package Code Input Synthesis Instructions 3

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