South Korea’s burglary rate surges in first half of 2022

Many South Korean news sites have warned that thefts have increased over the past few months.

Not long ago, the police South Korea 6 tourists arrested for ‘stealing’ seafood restaurant Seogwipoisland JiZhou (South Korea). It is understood that the group ate all the seafood worth 270,000 won (equivalent to more than 4.5 million dong), then sneaked out of the restaurant one by one, and ran away without paying the bill. .

However, there are cameras in the restaurant, so the group of tourists were quickly arrested, but these people thought that the people in the group had paid, but this person was not in the restaurant, so the two started arguing. They fought each other for a long time before the police intervened. As a result, the group of tourists did not escape charges of fraud.

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After the incident, the media also reported that the theft of Korean restaurants has gradually increased. According to the police, diners who have stolen before often forget whether they have paid or not because they are too drunk and mentally unstable.

South Korea's burglary rate suddenly soars

However, many of those who refused to pay for their meals over the past few months have remained very awake. All they do is order food, eat it, and figure out a way to escape the restaurant. The police also said that the theft will be punished with a fine of up to 100,000 won (about 1.7 million VND), but if the nature of the incident is serious, the thief can be classified as a scam or even jailed.

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some restaurants are Daegu Said they were able to temporarily solve the problem with an advance payment. However, having to pay to serve food doesn’t suit South Korea’s food culture, making many diners hesitant even if they have no intention of stealing.

South Korea's burglary rate suddenly soars

The rise in theft is due to rising prices, which have left many people unable to afford a full meal. Inflation is also one of the main reasons for the pressure on spending power for many people in South Korea, making it possible for anyone to buy what seems like the cheapest food in the world for themselves.I myself like gimbap, instant noodles, …. also make people South Korea Even if sold in regular stores, you have to choose carefully.

At restaurants, pork and beef can be considered the two dishes with the fastest price increases, with prices ranging from 18,056 won to 18,364 won (over 320,000 VND) for 200 grams of meat, depending on the type. Common dishes like kelp soup, kimchi or rice…also slightly increased. According to the latest statistics in South Korea, people’s food costs have risen by 9%, the highest in the country in years.