Genshin Impact: Youth cosplay “Knife Treasure” uses AI to steal other people’s paintings and endings

Recently, a young man stole other people’s works, pretended to be a real Daobao Doudou and pretended to be stupid, and even boasted that it was his own.

Recently, in the community Genshin Impact A young man appeared sword treasure When the author has not finished painting, steal the real thing painted by others, and then use AI to complete the picture, claiming it is his.

Dao Bao Doan – Mihoyo, the famous thief in the game

Two days ago, a man named @haruno_intro The process of making a character fanart was broadcast live General Thunder on his Twitch channel. As she was sketching and finishing, one audience member had in his mind “I’m going to play the Doomsday Trooper” – the famous thief in Genshin Impact, so he did. Soon, haruno_intro’s sketches were put into a software called NovelAI to be able to “finish” the picture. After the owner of the painting posted the work on Twitter, the thief forced the author to admit that his work was “authentic”, which attracted a lot of attention.
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Genshin Impact: Youth cos swordsman Doudou used AI to steal other people's paintings and ending 2
Original work by Haruno_intro

Even the name Daobaodao asserted that he uploaded it first, so he is the “authentic” item. In his “answer to fans” move, he also confidently stated that he had only studied art for a week, completely self-taught, “because I was gifted” – he said.
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Genshin Impact: Young cos swordsman Doudou used AI to steal other people's paintings and ending 3

“Like I said, I’m self-taught. I think I’m gifted.”

Through professional means, the online community soon found out the truth about this stupid liar. The most obvious evidence is that Haruno’s live broadcast ended first, and then the thief posted the drawings he stole and “created” on social networks. By now, this guy’s Twitter account was deleted for no apparent reason, and before that, the online community had scolded him relentlessly and presented irrefutable evidence of unprovoked copying, which he did.

Genshin Impact: Youth cos swordsman Doudou uses AI to steal other people's paintings and endings 4
Evidence of Young People’s Embezzlement of Other People’s Works in “Baobaodao”

In fact, it’s not uncommon to track/steal other people’s paintings, especially lesser-known artists. But stealing someone else’s work, tweaking it a little, and insisting it’s your own, like the example above, is a whole different story. Hopefully thieves like this should be properly punished and outright ostracized.

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