The author revealed all the body sizes Kitagawa Marin my dress up dear Surprise the fans!

In the newly released fan book, all the information about Marin My Dress-Up Darling’s body – including her three-round measurements – has been made public. The unexpected numbers surprised fans!

Who is Beichuan Marin?

Kitagawa Marlene is the main female character in the manga and anime My Dress Up Darling – Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru. She is a high school girl with long blond hair, a beautiful face and a perfect body. Marin has a personality and a bit of gyuru, but she’s actually an otaku with a passion for manga, anime, and games. Marin’s biggest hobby is role-playing. This is also the reason why she is “closer” to the male protagonist Wutiao, creating the romance of “My Dress Up Baby”.

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Who is Beichuan Marin? Everything about my dress up dear “open” waifu!

Marlin’s body shape and bust details from My Dress Up Baby

Beichuan Marin Survey

Until now, viewers have been very curious about Marin’s measurements. In the main storyline, Wujo made a very detailed “measurement” of Ma Lin. It’s just a pity that he didn’t let us see, but “hide” by himself.

Recently, the truth came out. In the newly released My Dress-Up Darling fanbook, all sizes and information about Ma Lin Kitagawa have been revealed. Without further ado, come and see Lag!

Name: Beichuan Marin.

Hobbies: Anime, manga, games, role-playing

March 5th birthday.

15 years old.

Rating: 1-5.

Height: 164 cm.

Head circumference: 53.8 cm.

Head circumference: 57.7 cm.

Neck circumference: 27.3 cm.

Shoulder width: 35cm.

Sleeve Length: 52.1 cm.

Arm circumference: 22.9cm.

Elbow Circumference: 21.2 cm.

Wrist circumference: 13.1 cm.

Shoulder circumference: 34.5 cm.

Thigh circumference: 43.8 cm.

Knee circumference: 29.5cm.

Leg circumference: 31.6 cm.

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Kitagawa Marin Body Measurements

Waist: 58.7cm.

Hips: 84.8 cm.

Ankle circumference: 19.2cm.

Leg Length: 23.2 cm.

Foot circumference: 22.4 cm.

Leg width: 9.5cm.

Bust: 86.8 cm.

Under Bust: 68.2 cm.

Hip: 79.2 cm.

From the above measurements, we have an exact understanding of Marin’s “body structure”. Her three-round measurements didn’t disappoint when they came very close to the golden ratio: 86.8 – 58.7 – 84.8!

Fans React to Marlin’s Body Measurements

Marin my dress up dear

After the information about Marin in the fan book was released, there was a very interesting reaction from “simp lords” all over the world. Here are some comments collected by Lag:

Gosh, 15 years old.

Yes, it is already blooming at the age of 15.

The FBI watched.

These are the prison numbers 🙂

Hurry up and make dolls!

When asked by Elephant, many Japanese viewers also asked the author to disclose the measurements of the two sisters. For loli girls and BB girls, their measurements will definitely be very interesting. Because My Dress-Up Darling is so popular, Lag believes this information will soon be revealed by the author.

Above are all the body measurements for Kitagawa Marlene My Dress-Up Darling. Are you surprised? Do you think this measurement is reasonable? Leave a comment so we can chat together!

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