Spoilers for the Anime Chainsaw Episode 7: Himeno “Kiss” Tachi – Makima Assassinated? !

Spoiler for Anime Chainsaw Episode 7 and new episode timing details: After a frenzied battle with Infinity Demons, Denji gets a kiss from Himeno – and he even gets to sleep with her! Another development, Maqima was assassinated and died suddenly!

Chainsaw Man Animation Digest Episode 6

After analyzing the current situation, Yaji and others realized that they were locked on the eighth floor and there was no way out. Time has not passed. There is currently no way to get out, so nothing can be done. Cobeney panicked. Power and Denji are “brainless”, so they are very carefree. They don’t even think about others when they eat and sleep.

(This episode has an explanation of Ball’s “President” nickname, so be sure to check it out.)

The cold time has passed, and the road has not yet arrived. In his free time, Himeno would talk about Aki’s past as a teammate. Himeno used to be a person who endured everything silently, but since having Aki, she has a fulcrum she can trust and thus leads a happier life.

When the story is over, come back. He announced that the previous demon had grown larger. It ran to Yaji and the group and said, if you want to live, I will give you Dianzhi’s life!

Kobeni is mentally ill, so he plans to kill the real Denji. Himeno tried to attack the demon, but it was useless because its heart was not on the eighth floor, that is, only killing Denji could solve the problem.

Drug exports made the situation even more chaotic. Kobeni stabs Denji, but Aki rushes to stop him. Biography was so angry that he jumped off to sacrifice himself for the devil!

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Spoilers for the anime Chainsaw Episode 7

Anime chainsaw man episode 7

The next chapter will feature some of the bloodiest, craziest battles in the Saw animation. As a demon, Denji can restore physical strength through blood. Another demon can be healed indefinitely – but it still hurts and feels pain. With these two figures, what do we have? To be precise: Chuanci will kill the demon repeatedly, let it bleed, then use that blood to recover, and then continue to kill the demon! This will be a war until one side gives up!

Overwhelmed, the demon gave in and surrendered its heart. The war is over. Everyone left safely. Aki’s condition has also stabilized. The task is basically completed.

Himeno invites everyone to a welcome party for newcomers. Aki proposes to invite more Makima. Himeno has some doubts about Makima, assuming she knows something about Denji…

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Chuanji went to eat with the feeling that he could kiss Himeno, so he was very excited. The appearance of Makima made Tian Zhi a little puzzled, but Himeno did not. She kissed Denji…and spat in his mouth by the way!

In order to make up for it, Himeno slept with electricity that night! If we act fast, we’ll likely see Denji and Himeno’s super secret alliance, and… Makima’s death.

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Chainsaw Anime Premiere Time Episode 7

Anime Chainsaw Episode 7 It will be released on the evening of November 22, and the information of the new Spy X family will be updated as soon as possible.

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