Spoiler for Kingdom 740: Hoan Ky arrives in Phi Ha, ready to “kill the world” again?

Spoiler for Kingdom Chapter 740 and Chapter 739 Introduction: Hoan Ki reaches Phi Ha first and has the upper hand! Should we kill them all, or take the people here as hostages and fight against Zhao Guo?

Kingdom 739 Summary

Li Mu, who thought he had the upper hand, suddenly realized that he had been “played” by Huan Ji. Ky made his entire army retreat to Phi Ha before Trieu attacked, leaving Nghi An castle empty. Well, it’s not quite empty. The cavalry left a gift, which was the corpses of the troops in Ngee Ann City.

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Spoiler for Kingdom 739: Hoan Ky Plays Ly Muc with Garden Raiders No Empty Houses

Spoiler Kingdom 740

Kingdom 740

Wen Huan led all the cavalry to pursue after learning that the cavalry was marching towards Piha with the vicious trick of “killing people”. Millions of soldiers are all afraid, because they are worried about their relatives.

Zhao’s movement speed is very fast. However, because there are many forests along the way, we have to take a detour to avoid being ambushed. Because of this, although Qin Jun was exhausted, he still walked faster.

In later developments, the cavalry took the lead in leading the large army to Piha. He is still very confident. He said that as long as everyone obeys, the final winner must be the horse.

Looking from a distance, Zhao Jun is coming. Item is also quite flustered. If Ky holds people hostage, there is still a chance. However, if they are all killed, no matter whether they win or lose, Zhao Guo will suffer great harm.

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Kingdom 740 release time

Kingdom King Chapter 740 is scheduled to be released 24th November 2022. Lag.vn will update this article with spoilers right away, so bookmark it now if you don’t want to miss it!

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