Spoiler anime “Chainsaw Man” Episode 4: Demon Girlfriend Deals with Danji – The Demon Killing Guild joins the war

Spoiler for Anime Chainsawman Episode 4 and details on when new episodes will air: The Demon Bat is Dead, but It’s Not Over! Denji will be in a life-or-death situation. To save him, Archie and the other witchers will show up. At the end of the episode, Power will…

Chainsaw Man Animation Summary Chapter 3

Power and Denji are reprimanded by Makima for interfering with the other side’s mission. At first, the two accused each other, but when Mu Zhen spoke, both fell silent.

Power then says she doesn’t like humans and demons. She just loves cats – especially her pet cat, Nyako. Nyako is being held captive by another demon, so Power asks Denji to deal with it. If successful, she will let him touch her breasts.

Danji agreed immediately. The two then went to a place far from the center together. Although Denji likes the power chest very much, he still can’t get along with her.

In another development, we hear more of Makima’s thoughts on Denji. Makima said whether the devil is strong or not is based on people’s fear of its “name”. Danji made a very “interesting” impression on her.

Upon arriving, Power points Denji to a house. Denji gradually realizes that he has been deceived. When he realized this, he was knocked unconscious by Power and handed over to the Bat Demon – the one holding Nyako.

The demon bat ate Chuanji, but immediately vomited it because it was “disgusting”. Then it eats Nyako to punish Power for providing a bad prey. Due to his strong feelings for Nyako, Power loses his mind and remembers what happened. Before she regained consciousness, she was eaten by a demon bat.

At this moment, Danji and Ball seemed to understand each other. Chuanji is angrily attached to mephits and “henshin”. Here’s your number, Demon Bat!

Denji then fights Devil Bat. The battle took place in the city, so many people witnessed it. Denji hit and told everyone to run (actually Denji seems to only care about women, children and the elderly). Denji took quite a hit but was still healthy (probably because he wanted to touch his boobs). The sound of the saw blade sounded again – Danji ripped apart the demon’s body, saving the power and Niako’s life!

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Spoiler Anime Chainsaw Man Episode 4

Chainsaw Man Chapter 4

After defeating the bat demon, Danji went outside with Bauer and Meow. Denji squeezed his hand when asked why he was working so hard. It sounds silly, but that’s why Power is still alive. She apologizes for cheating on Denji and promises to keep her word. Before he could be happy, Danji’s hand was severed by a blow from the demon vampire, the girlfriend of the demon bat.

Danji was about to continue fighting when…the saw blade didn’t come out because he lost too much blood. Trapped in an extremely difficult situation, Danji still decides to fight (touching her breasts while he’s still alive). The demon leech mocks Danji’s dream, which angers the male lead. He charged at the demonic vampire and… mortally wounded. Fortunately, Aji and other witchers appeared, and the male protagonist is still alive.

For the rest of Episode 4, the Chainsaw Man will explain to us the power of the Demon Hunter. In order to fight demons, they sign pacts with other demons and exchange pacts.

At the end of the episode, Power will be transferred to Aki and Denji’s home. It’s time to touch your boobs!

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Chainsaw Man anime premiere episode 4

Anime Chainsaw Man Episode 4 It will be released on the evening of November 1st. New information about Spy X Family will be updated as soon as possible.

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