What happens when the Chainsaw Man anime is censored for kids?

Produced by MAPPA with the utmost respect for the original, the Chainsaw Man anime is hardly a cartoon that children can watch. But what if the anime is censored? You will be surprised by the results.

About Anime Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw is an animated series based on the manga of the same name by Naruto Fujimoto. The film is produced by MAPPA Studio, a name all too familiar to anime fans, as this is the team that produced Jujutsu Kaisen, the final season of Attack on Titan, Yuri on Ice, and more.

According to MAPPA’s sharing, the Chainsaw Man anime is a project they love very much and spend a lot of money on this work. Author Naruto Fujimoto was also closely involved in the production process to ensure the animation sticks to the original. The result of these efforts resulted in a bloody, violent, frantic anime that conveyed exactly what the original brought to its audience.

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In addition to being overly respectful of the original, the Chainsaw Man anime has also been labelled 17+. so:

What if the Chainsaw Man animation was censored for kids to watch?

To answer the above question, Chainsaw fans personally “censored” the violent scenes in Chainsaw. As a result, we got the following very interesting and interesting images.

Anime Chainsaw Man Review

Anime Chainsaw Man Review

Anime Chainsaw Man Review

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Anime Chainsaw Man Review

Anime Chainsaw Man Review

Anime Chainsaw Man Review

Fan Spy X Family makes fun of China by…”censoring” the anime itself – but it’s so weird!

It can be seen that “cà khà” has a lot of deleted pictures from 4Kids – the animation channel “cuts” a lot of anime by drawing or editing characters. But reviews like the one above are also good and look interesting!

Do you think if the Chainsaw Man anime was censored like above, kids could watch it? Would you like to… watch censored anime like this? Please leave a comment so we can chat together.

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