One Piece 1064 Spoiler Prediction: The past of Bonnie and Kengo Kuma, Zoro and his party met punk 01

One Piece 1064 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 1063 Summary: Bonnie reveals more about her relationship with Kengo Kuma. Meanwhile, Zoro and his party are going to meet Punk – 01, Shaka. The showdown between Luo and Blackbeard is very interesting, but the result of who wins and who loses, I am afraid it will take a while to know!

One Piece 1063 Summary

In Chapter 1063, Luffy and his party suddenly encountered a Kuma robot. The design of this robot is a little different. There is a huge “police” in the middle of the chest. Luffy is about to beat the robot, but Bonnie stops quickly because Kengo Kuma is her only family member.

In another development, Luo chose the shortest path, and the darkest, as he immediately clashed with Blackbeard and his men. In their absence, members of Blackbeard all possess Devil Fruit powers. They took turns attacking Luo, but Luo resisted by learning how to use domineering.

In the final stage, Luo and Blackbeard face off. “Whoever wins, whoever owns it!”

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Spoiler for One Piece 1063: Luo VS Blackbeard!

One Piece 1064 Spoiler Prediction

One piece 1064

Due to the long time spent with the Straw Hats, Luo Dao’s notebook is almost enough. In this battle, Luo has a high possibility of losing. However, because he is a smart man, Luo may play the “submarine” strategy to escape. This is what you have to do, but if you let Blackbeard have the Ope Ope Nomi Devil Fruit, it’s over!

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In One Piece style, we may not see the battle progress of Luo VS Blackbeard (if there is, it will only be very small). Instead, we’ll hear more about Bonney and Kuma. The appearance of the robot Kuma may also be explained more concretely by the punks.

Chapter 1063 doesn’t tell us about Zoro’s group, so Chapter 1064 probably will. Punk 01 – Shaka will also be there. Since this punk seems rational, “hopefully” we’ll hear more about Vegapunk’s work.

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One piece of spoiler 1064

One Piece 1064 spoilers will be updated as soon as possible, scheduled for October 19.

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One Piece release time 1064

piece Episode 1064 is scheduled to be released on October 24, 2022 Japan time.Spoiler information will be This article is updated right away, so if you don’t want to miss out on all the latest information, save this article or bookmark it now!

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