Boruto 75 Spoiler Prediction: Kawaki Draws Ada to Konoha – Code and the Ten Tais’ Army Prepare to Attack

Bo Ren Chuan 75 Spoiler Prediction, Chapter 74 Summary: Chuanmu and Ada meet. At all costs, Chuanmu must do something to attract Ada to Konoha. Meanwhile, Amado reveals the truth he’s still trying to hide. Code and his ten-tailed army will also be in action soon.

Bo Ren Chuan 74 Summary

At the beginning of Chapter 74, Ida and Daemon arrive at Konoha Village. Not wanting to waste time, Ada flew up alone and went to Chuanmu’s house. Shikamaru and Amado talk to each other. Shikamaru threatened:

This time, he had to spit out everything he knew.

In another development, Boruto and Chuanmu “host” Ada in the mansion. Ninjas were placed around to observe. Ada knew everything, but she didn’t care. Anyone who sees Ada is mesmerized by her power. While Ada didn’t go down to see Chuanmu, Damon rushed out first. The boy threatened that if anyone dared to hurt Ada, he would execute that person.

Chuanmu then attacked Damon, but was knocked unconscious soon after. So does Boruto. After a while, Boren woke up and found that Ada had put a pillow on Chuanmu’s lap.

Spoiler for Boren Chapter 74 Ada is coming to Kawaki Boren VS Demon!

Boruto 75 spoiler predictions

Naruto 75

Chapter 75 of Boruto will continue to be a rather slow chapter. We will focus on both developments at the same time. The first episode is Amado’s conversation with Shikamaru and Naruto. The rest of the development is the case of the Boruto-Kawaki-Ada-Daemon group.

First, as for Amado, he’ll tell what he knows about Ada, the power of the daemon, and where Code is currently. The reason why Tianmen gave Chuanmu cause and effect has not yet been clear, so Naruto is likely to conduct an interrogation as well. It’s unlikely that Amado will reveal everything, but now he’s the ninja’s only source of information, so they have to make the most of him.

As for the Boruto group, the topic will probably revolve around… Ada flirting with Chuanmu. Kawaki is tough, so he’ll try to learn more about Code. With her abilities, maybe Ada knows where the code is. According to Kawagi’s attitude, she will become Konoha’s ally.

At the current rate, Boruto needs 1-3 more chapters full of dialogue to be ready for the next battle. Maybe we’ll see a little code and his army. With his abilities, Code can wage war almost at any time. If anything is holding Code back, it’s either that he wants to accumulate more power, or that he needs more time to control the ten tails.

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Boruto 75 Release Date

Bo Ren Chuan Chapter 75 is scheduled to be released tonight November 20, 2022. will update with spoilers soon.

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