Spoiler Conan 1100: Kaito Kid reappears to confront Amuro, Rum has ‘bad intentions’ with Ms. Wakasa

The latest, most accurate spoiler information and all you need to know about Famous Detective Conan 1100: Rum is starting to notice Wakasa teacher. Meanwhile, Conan once again encounters Kid. Amuro also appeared. Will Kid be defeated by Amuro this time around?

Summary of Famous Detective Conan 1099

In the previous case, Conan, the Detective Boys, Subaru and Miss Wakasa went to the beach to play together. As the familiar scenario, a murder happened to the victim, a tall man. The suspects who killed him are said to be among the restaurant staff.

Thanks to a small “hint”, Conan found the killer easily. However, the story does not stop there. A group of thugs came to talk. Luckily, Subaru had already dealt with them. A few other guys managed to dodge and were handled by Ms. Wakasa. Subaru and Conan have realized this and they are quite suspicious of her true identity.

In a few pages, it seems that Miss Wakasa knows Akai’s father.

Spoiler Famous Detective Conan 1100

conan 1100

Title Conan chapter 1100: Destruction. The cover of this chapter is Conan with two Azusas in front of him and Kid’s shadow in the distance.

Returning after nearly a month of hiatus, Conan returned with a “new case” quite attractive. In the first events, Rum/Wakita came to ask about Conan and said:

In Conan-kun’s class there’s an assistant homeroom teacher named Wakasa Rumi, right?

Conan answers the truth. Wakita then looked apprehensive. He said that the last time he delivered sushi here, he was looked at by Ms. Wakasa with very scary eyes. I don’t know if she has a problem with you. The Rum then thought something about the past and smiled sinisterly. Conan recalls Miss Wakasa’s injured hand in the previous chapter.

The following events bring us to the main content of this case. Kaito Kid reappears. Conan was also present (he had his speed skateboard with him). Kid’s goal this time is a very precious crown. Like so many other times, Kid appeared, “doing magic” causing the crown and himself to disappear.

At the end of the series, Conan sees two Azusas. Looks like Azusa and Amuro also came here. Conan is currently unable to distinguish which of the two is Kid.

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Detective Conan Release Time 1100

Famous Detective Conan 1100 will be released on September 28. New information about Conan will be updated by Lag.vn as soon as possible.

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