Author Kaguya-sama Love Is War suddenly announced that he will no longer draw manga!

The manga Kaguya-sama Love Is War has just ended, and the author Akasaka Aka suddenly announced that he would stop drawing manga. Instead, the author will focus on one job, which is…

Who is Akasaka Akka?

Akasaka Akasaka, born on August 29, 1998, is currently a Japanese cartoonist. His most famous work is Kaguya-sama’s love is war. In addition to his main work as a manga artist, Akasaka has also worked as an illustrator for several light novels such as “Hero of Benevolence” or “The Lord of the Rings Love Dolana Hijo”.

In 2020, Akasaka-sensei and Yokoya Yumego jointly launched the “Ninja Son” manga. This show-biz-themed work was immediately supported by domestic audiences and highly praised by experts. At present, Oshinoko has been adapted into an anime, and the movie will be released in the near future.

In early November 2022, Akasaka Aka officially ended the story of the confession battle between Miyuki and Kaguya. Immediately afterwards, the author had an unexpected revelation, which caused many fans to “collapse”.

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Kaguya-sama Love Is War author no longer draws manga

Kaguya-sama love is war

On November 3, 2022, author Akasaka Akaka announced that he intends to stop drawing manga as a manga artist. Instead, the writer will focus entirely on creating the plot. Kaguya-sama Love Is War will be the last manga Akasaka-sensei does visual and future, maybe the author will only do collaborative works like Oshi No Ko. Mr. Akasaka also added that he will continue to draw as a hobby.

Akasaka-sensei’s plan seems to be well prepared. In early 2022, Young Jump magazine, a subsidiary of Shueisha, held a selection event for new cartoonists. The artist will be in charge of illustration for Akasaka’s next manga.

At present, the author of Kaguya-sama Love Is War has not announced any news about the next project. Perhaps in the next few months, he will focus on the “Ninnoko” manga and participate in the production of the animation adaptation. Lag will update more information about Akasaka Aka in the future, so stay tuned.

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